By using an electronic signature in QuickBooks, you can deposit paychecks and mark documents inside the security software. Hence you don’t need to take a print out of the paychecks or form. Electronic signatures are quite easy to import into QuickBooks and also it helps you in increasing efficiency.

Signature is the must have thing on the paychecks in QuickBooks that make it valid. Electronic signature is the digital way to add the signature on your paychecks so that you don’t have to go with the long process of printing the checks in your QuickBooks account. So to add it you have to follow the procedure so that you can do it on your own properly. Take a look at the below steps to add an electronic signature on paychecks in QuickBooks.

How to Add Signature in QuickBooks

Adding the Digital Signature to Checks in QuickBooks

  1. Place the authorized signature on the white background. Get the authorized owner or manager signed in the index card’s middle
  2. Get the index card scanned and then save the same in your computer
  3. Once the checks are selected by you which you have to pay, tap on the button of Pay Bills present at the bottom
  4. Dialog box of Payment Summary will pop-up. In case you are willing to pay more bills then tap on Pay More Bills, if not then click on the Print Checks
  5. Dialog box of Select Checks to Print will pop-up now. Make sure that current bank is used by you and the number present in field of First Check Number is same as the number of first check, which was placed by you in the printer
  6. Click on OK
  7. Now you will be able to see the dialog box of Print Checks. On right side, click on Signature
  8. In the dialog box of Signature, tap File present on right side
  9. Navigate the signature, created by you
  10. Choose file and then click on Open
  11. You will now be able to see the signature in the dialog box of Signature
  12. Click on OK
  13. Do not forget to put the check mark against the box present adjacent to the Print Signature Image, present at the Print Checks window’s bottom right
  14. Click on Print
  15. You can see that the checks are getting print with the signature which was selected by you

Putting the Two Signatures on the Checks in QuickBooks

With QuickBooks, you are allowed to create as well as print the checks for personal or payroll use or for paying bills. Most of the checks just require one signature for the purpose of authentication, but there are some checks where two signatures are required. These are the ones which are more than the certain value of the dollar.

In case your business or company needs two signatures on the checks, then you can easily do that by signing it manually on the paper and then getting the signature imported in the QuickBooks as the graphic file.

  1. Get your signature done on the blank white paper, used in printing, with the blue or black colour ink. Keep your signature same and of same size as you keep them while signing a check physically.
  2. Make sure that second party sign their name below your name. Small gap should be left between the signatures, in order to ensure that names are correctly aligned when you import them in the QuickBooks checks. Look carefully at the gap present between the lines of signature on the check, in order to have clear idea on how much space should you leave between the names.
  3. Then make sure that the signed paper is placed on scanner bed with face towards down side and then get the lid closed. Get the image scanned on your computer with the aspect ratio of 11:3, where 11 stands for width and 3 is for height. You can also search for other options, in order to get the aspect ratio changed in the menu of scanner settings.
  4. Get the image saved in the file format which is accepted, for example TIFF, PNG, JPEG or BMP. Ensure that image is saved in a location that could be easily accessed, for example, Desktop.
  5. Launch the QuickBooks and then tap on File after that click on the Printer Setup, then from the drop-down menu click on Form Name and then select the Checks or Pay checks
  6. Click on the check box present adjacent to the Click Print Signature Image. Then from the dialog box of Signature click on File
  7. Navigate to the location where the image file is saved and also has the signature. Click on the file first and then click on Open
  8. Now in Signature box, click on OK ad then tap on OK in the box of Printer Setup. Signatures are imported by QuickBooks and then it gets them added to check. Signatures will be resized by the QuickBooks, so that they can get fit in 2 3/4-inch wide and the 3/4-inch tall area of the check

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How electronic signatures are used for pay checks and checks?
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  1. How an electronic signature is created?

    ? You have to take a paper 
    ? Do your signature on it
    ? Then scan the signature 
    ? Save it in the suitable file formats like .png, .bmp, .tiff, or .jpeg

  2. How is the signature attached on the QuickBooks checks?

    ? In the QuickBooks account
    ? Click on the File menu then further select the option Printer Setup
    ? You have to select the paychecks or checks from the drop-down list of Form Name
    ? Then select the checkbox says Click Print Signature Image
    ? Choose the option file from the signature dialogue box 
    ? Click on the file that contains your signature then click on the Open button
    ? After that click on the OK button 
    ? Again, in the printer setup window click on the OK button.

  3. How to use an electronic signature in QuickBooks?

    Initially, open your QuickBooks and then move to the File from the top menu bar. Click on the option Printer Setup. Now, using the drop-down menu, click Paycheck. Choose the Print Signature image and then click Browse. Select the electronic copy of the signature and click Open. at last, hit Ok twice.

  4. How is the signature attached to the QuickBooks checks?

    You can follow these steps to attach to the QuickBooks checks:

    ? Initially, go to the QuickBooks account
    ? Next, go to the File menu and then choose the Printer Setup 
    ? Now, choose the checks or paychecks using the drop-down list 
    ? After that, check the checkbox named Click Print Signature Image 
    ? Move to the file containing signature and then hit Open 
    ? Afterward, hit Ok
    ? Once again click Ok within the Printer setup window.

  5. How can we create an electronic signature?

    First, take paper and do your signature on it. Now, scan the same signature and save it in an appropriate file format such as .png, .jpeg, .bmp, etc.

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