What is Sage Cannot Open Activation Key File & How to Fix It?

Well, today we are going to discuss about the Sage 50 software. Before we discuss about the Sage error, we should get to know about the amazing software. Now-a-days it has become the most preferable choice for entrepreneurs. It not only manages your accounting department, but is also beneficial for managing manufacturing, HR, accounts and Payroll areas. It is counted as one of the top ranked software in accounting market.  

Well, it is a technical software, and each technology comes with error, so that while using sage there may be chance of occurrence of multiple errors on your system. It would be a hard situation for you, as you may not be able to complete your task due to this error. Error should be fixed with minimum time. For your assistance we are explaining here the cause and resolution of this error.

One of the most important points is that you can contact on our Sage 50 technical support number any time. Other issue like sage update problems might also occur during the process.

Causes of The Error of Sage Cannot Open Activation Key File

  • Insufficient permissions and damaged company file.
  • Corrupted and missing Active.pvc
  • Insufficient drive space
  • Due to attack of malware and virus on your system.

Solution of The Error of Sage Cannot Open Activation Key File

1. Solution for Sage 100 ERP

A. First Step:

  • This error occurred due to insufficient network permissions to launch Sage 100 ERP standard.
  • Go to window explorer and type \Mas90\Home\Lib\Keys.
  • Full control or change permissions at the SharePoint.

B. Second Step:

  • With backup copy and try replacing it.
  • Before perform this task rename the file name.

C. Third Step:

  • Sometime this error arises due to restoration from CD-Rom backup. You need to rename the Read only and write attributes from all Sage 100 ERP files.
  • Open a command prompt and go to the \MA S90 folder and write the following command to remove System, Read Only and Hidden.

2. Solution for Sage 100 Premium and Advanced

  • Right selects the Sage 100 ERP Advanced and click on Premium to a folder
  • If you want more information, you can see the Microsoft article.
  • Install Premium and Sage 100 ERP Advanced.
  • A premium shortcut icon in XP Compatibility and Sage 100 ERP Advanced runs on your system.
  • Select the Compatibility tab and click on the run this program in compatibility Mode for check box.
  • You will get dropped down the list and here you need to click on Windows XP and click on show setting for all users.
  • Select apply and click on Ok.
  • Disable User Account Control (UAC) in windows.

Need Professional Help?

If you require some technical assistance regarding the Sage software the customer can contact the Sage technical support number for further support. This number is a toll free number which is available 24*7. Any point of time customer can contact with us on chat window. They can directly chat with us on our chat window. If you want to buy sage then get the Sage 50 serial number and activation key from sage experts.

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