Changing over documents is never simple, and you’ve done the change to QuickBooks yet you have a very long time information database that should be changed over.

In spite of the fact that Peachtree is a decent accounting and bookkeeping program, QuickBooks is the biggest and most unmistakable name in the business with immense flock of uses.


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Changing from Peachtree to QuickBooks requires significant investment, tolerance and a little specialized to know how to get it going.

Steps of Converting from Peachtree to Quickbooks

If you are in the mood of switching the peachtree accounting software, then converting to quickbooks is a healthy options for your business. To doing so below steps will ensure and guide you with the process of conversion:

Total Time: 20 minutes

  1. Step One

    Go down your information:

    It’s constantly important to influence the support of any information you plan to alter. Despite the fact that this change device will work, as indicated by Intuit (the producer of QuickBooks) a great dependable guideline will constantly go through the information first.

    In the case of something turns out bad, you can simply fall back on the support and make another matching support.

  2. Step Two

    Name Your Records

    You can pass by name or ID, yet it is essential to utilize names for simple reference. Make the title compact – QuickBooks Data is restricted to 41 characters, and you can’t utilize a similar name twice.

    In case you have two Fourth Quarters, for instance, QuickBooks will naturally allocate numbers after the name (001, 002, 003).

  3. Step Three

    Visit The Intuit Site and Enroll

    Intuit has a free change device on their site that will change over all the appropriate information. The thought behind this device is to enable you to get where you left in your business bookkeeping programming.

    When you go to that site, enter all vital data in the cases and hit “Submit.”

  4. Step Four

    Download The Converter Record

    When you round out this information, you can simply go forward and download the instrument. It is around 30 MB and will take around two minutes to introduce on a 3-Mbps association.

    At the point when the download is finished, hit “Run.” The change will then be introduced on your framework.

  5. Step Five

    Run The Converter Device Installer

    The QuickBooks transformation device will walk you through, well ordered, the way towards converting your information. Find your Peachtree Data, press the button and the conversion instrument will consequently begin changing over.

  6. Step Six

    Enter Your Organization Name

    Presently the information is changed over. However, the organization name and data must be entered physically.

    đź’  Open QuickBooks, select “Organization” and after that “Organization Information.”
    đź’  Open Peachtree, select “Keep up” and pick “Organization Information.” This must be reordered.

  7. Step Seven

    Set Up Your Inclinations

    Keep in mind, whatever you did was change over the information. The way your business is running is still unidentified by  QuickBooks. With a specific end goal to do this, go to the “Change” menu and select “Inclinations.” Set up the basic data files and information which is done at the time of initial stages of the organization.

Need Professional Help?

Converting from Peachtree to QuickBooks is not a very tedious process. However, all the data has to be added to QuickBooks from the basics so that the software understands the company performance and hence able to build up a better situations for the company. To understand the process of conversion and the software requirements, you can contact our Quickbooks technical customer service team smb_accountants toll free and get insights about the change. We have experts of the software who are available 24*7 at your service.


Get Experts Advice to Fix Your All Accounting & Bookkeeping Problems

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