There are many businesses that are thinking of converting QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks desktop. If you are one of them, you have a few steps and options that you can take into consideration to achieve the conversion successfully. 

However, before proceeding to convert QB Online to QB Desktop, you need to be aware of the following points:

  • QB Online is not compatible with IE’s 64-bit version in Windows 7. Prior to beginning the conversion process, you will have to ensure that you are working with the 32-bit version of IE.
  • It is important for you to be logged in as Administrator on both QB Online and QB Desktop to continue with the conversion process.

Process of Converting Quickbooks Online to Quickbooks Desktop

Once you are ready after making the settings as per the requirements, the next step is to go for the quickbooks conversion. Well, so far as the conversion is concerned, you have three options that you can adopt to achieve your objective.

The steps for both the options have been shared below:

1. Option One: Export & Convert

  • Sign in to the client’s QB Online Account
  • Choose the Gear icon
  • Select Export Data
  • You may enter the reason for export
  • Select Continue
  • You get an option Moving to QuickBooks Desktop. Click Learn More, over there
  • Again, you have Download company file. Click Learn More over there
  • On the export overview screen, you can review the data
  • Click Get Started
  • You will have Exporting from QuickBooks Online page in front of you
  • Click Continue to Download
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the export process

2. Option Two: Using IE Explorer

  • Sign in to the QB Desktop as Administrator. To do this:
    1. Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon
    2. Click on Run as Administrator
    3. QB screen opens for you to select the company file you want to open
  • Open IE (no other browser would work)
  • Turn off the pop-up blocker prior to logging in to QB Online in the browser. To turn off the blocker:
    1. Go to Tools icon
    2. Select Internet Options
    3. Choose the Privacy tab
    4. Uncheck Turn on Pop-up Blocker
  • Sign in to QBO account
  • Go to the Gear icon. Click it
  • Choose Export Data

3. Option Three: Export as per file requirements

  • Check your requirements related to the company file
  • Based on the same, prepare for the data export
  • Create a QBO online account
  • Open QB Desktop
  • Go to the Company menu
  • Choose Export Company File to QuickBooks Online
  • Login into your QBO account once again
  • Decide if you want to export the inventory data onto the new platform
  • Indicate the same to the software
  • Choose the QBO Company file
  • Prepare a Data File Copy
Need Professional Help?

In case you get stuck anywhere while conducting the conversion, you can connect with our experts on option as they are available to help 24/7.


  1. Do I have to make Internet Explorer the default browser to convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

    Yes, you have to make your Internet Explorer browser the default one. By making it the default browser, you won’t get any issues when converting QuickBooks online to desktop.

    To doing this, the steps are:-

    1. Open the Internet Explorer
    2. Go to the Gear icon
    3. Select Internet Options
    4. The window named Internet Options open up
    5. Click on the Programs tab, under Opening Internet Explorer heading
    6. You have to click on Make Internet Explorer by default browser.

  2. Is it required to do a backup before converting QuickBooks online to desktop?

    The backup is as important as you have crucial data that you can’t lose. So for the safer side, You must take a backup and make copies to save it in different locations. It helps you restore your data in case of data corruption or data loss while converting QuickBooks Online to Desktop.

  3. What if there is some error when I convert QuickBooks online to desktop, then how to fix it?

    In this case, you have to resolve the error first. So, it won’t cause any harm to your data. After that, convert your data from QuickBooks online to desktop. You can also connect with the helpdesk team if you are facing more trouble in converting your data.

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