Convert from Sage Mas 200 to QuickBooks

How to Convert the MAS 200 files in QuickBooks files

Are you using the Sage MAS 200 accounting software? Do you want to change your accounting software and want to shift to the QuickBooks? It is now possible easily with the file conversion services. The main problem faced by the people is that they can’t use the MAS 200 files in QuickBooks.

If you want to shift to the QuickBooks then you have to convert the MAS 200 data files in QuickBooks files. You can get the services to convert any MAS 200 data file for any version of the QuickBooks whether it is premier, pro, online or the enterprise.

You can easily use the current data in your new accounting software. The data file conversion services make it possible now. You will get all important data of your business in a new file which will support the QuickBooks.

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You will get the following type of data in the converted file:

1. Data of lists

the lists are very important in the data files because all information of clients, employees, jobs, customers and products of company. If you want to change the accounting software to the QuickBooks, you will get all data of the lists and you do not have to make the new list in new accounting software.

2. Transaction information

the transactions are used in every business. You will need the data stored in MAS 200 file for the new QuickBooks software. When you will get the conversion services you will get back all the transaction data of your business.

When you convert the MAS 200 files in QuickBooks, the performance and processing speed is also increased in the new file. It is because of the conversion and optimization process in which the inactive user data and very old lists are removed.

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They also erase the damaged and corrupt data from the MAS 200 files so that you can always get the error and damage free files. It makes the files fast and better in performance. You can also use these files in the online QuickBooks or the online QuickBooks.

If you also want to get the conversion services, it is very easy process. You can choose the online conversion services. You just have to upload the backup file of the MAS 200 online and they will convert it in new file that will be supported by the QuickBooks. They provide the secured link from where you can download your new file and can use it on the QuickBooks.  

Need Professional Help?

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