Want to create an IIF file for QuickBooks Desktop? If so, then you’re in the right place. Here you can get complete guidelines on how easily you can create an IIF file. Let’s start exploring.

Before creating an IIF file you should be aware about what IIF means and why it is required? IIF stands for the Intuit Interchange Format. It is simply a text file that is mostly generated by the users on the first day of the month as it is totally related to the Payroll .

We can see its content by using the spreadsheet or excel programs. IIF file is required because it comprises of the data like which payroll amount lines up with which accounts in QuickBooks Desktop .

Steps To Create An IIF File For QuickBooks

  • First of all open your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Then you need to run your Payroll software.
  • Next click on the Reports tab.
  • After that hover your cursor on the payroll that was run in step second.
  • Now click on the view details option to see the necessary details.
  • Then click on the Export button next to the QuickBooks
  • Once you click on the export button IIF file gets downloaded on your system.

How To View The Content Of The IIF File Created

  • In the QuickBooks software go to the Billing Admin tab and click on the QuickBooks import.
  • After that select and click on the required .iif file.
  • Now press the ctrl plus T key to open the new tab of your browser.
  • Next by using the ctrl plus o key open the .iif file in your browser.

Issues While Creating An IIF File For QuickBooks

  • Error on line xx : Cannot record invalid transaction
  • Warning number larger than maximum allowed
  • Cannot import, too many records exists
  • Unrecoverable error: QuickBooks has experienced an error and can shut down. 14667 90004.
  • Warning: Unable to add item to the list.

How to FIX issues of IIF File For QuickBooks

QuickBooks not importing IIF file – multiple line errors (error line 6,9,15 etc) on first import.

To solve this issue, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all navigate to the Lists tab and select the Others name option.
  • Then search the name of your website, it is generally in capital letters XYZ website.
  • Next delete your customer name.
  • After that locate to the customer center tab and select the add new customer option.
  • Now enter the name of your website exactly the same that was found in the ‘others list’ by doing this there will be no need to fill any other information.
  • Further you have to import your .iif file again.

Issues Users Face Related to this Error

Issue that is usually faced by users is like, I am trying to import an .iif file but I keep getting a pop up window that says “Unable to change the type of a name or add duplicate name”.

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Unable to change the type of a name or add duplicate name

To resolve this error, you need to sort the employee list by first name:
● Open the QuickBooks Desktop and select the Edit tab.
● Then click on the preferences option now a window will appear, you need to select the company Preferences tab.
● Now select the payroll option and click on the employees tab.
● Then select the display employee name by first name and click on the OK button.

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If you face any issue while creating or importing the IIF file, you can contact our SMB QuickBooks Customer Support Help team . We provide technical support for all the QuickBooks related issues. SMB Tech support has extremely talented and motivated people who give their best to find out the easiest and quickest way to solve an error. Call on smbaccountants.com.


  1. What are the uses of IIF files in QuickBooks?

    You can use IIF files for many purposes such as:

    💠 Import transactions into some other program in QuickBooks.
    💠 Export and import lists from one company enterprise record of QuickBooks into another.
    💠 Share records between specific versions of QuickBooks and systems, including Pro, Premier, and Business, or Windows and Macintosh.
    💠 Import QuickBooks timer operations into a record of the organization.

  2. How do I make essential edits in QuickBooks IIF files?

    Initially, go to the File main menu and select apply to save all changes that you have made before. Next, click yes when it prompts. Press the Alt + F4 keys from your keyboard to close the Excel sheet. This process already save .IIF file once again so you have to click doesn’t save option if asked to save again.

  3. How do I view my exported IIF files in QuickBooks?

    First, go to the location of the file. Next, select the open section by right-clicking on the exported file. Now, select the Microsoft Office Excel sheet. If it allows you to get wizard and convert it into a text file then click Next >> Next >> Finish button.

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