Data Corruption in QuickBooks

Client and Company Data Corrupted in the QuickBooks

Anything which holds you ransom for your work is highly unlikely wish you may have when you are running a business and that is too much dependent on accounting. When you hear the word corruption for accounting that rings the bell however you need to have complete understand of the software before you get to that point need to understand why it happens, when and how to fix either by yourself or you need professional help to get that sorted.

How to check whether you have data corruption Quickbooks?

Any error code starting c= : When you need to check whether you have data corruption in your company files or QuickBooks if you ever get an error code starting with c= 30,31 or any random number in front the letter C and if that happens you need to act immediately.
Error while taking back up: When you are backing up your data and the backup fails thay may also means data is corrupted. If QuickBooks crashes because of data issue sometimes and you see error -6000 that is also a sign of Data damage
Solutions or Steps if you have Data damage or Corruption in your Quickbooks:
• Use Rebuild tool: When you are 100% sure you have data damage on your QuickBooks software you will have to verify and rebuild data that is option available in Rebuild tool. This is one of the first step you should follow when you see corruption in your QuickBooks software.
• qbwin.log file : In Step 2 if you are not able to fix the issue with rebuild tool the you have to check your qbwin.log file and you have to check the list of transactions and you have to check each and every transaction on your QuickBooks one by one and figure out if you are not missing out on anything.
If you unable to figure out what the exact problem call the QuickBooks Support Phone

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