dbextclr11- Error in QuickBooks

dbextclr11.exe Index Error

In QuickBooks error like dbextclr11 happens when there is overwriting or a file which already exists gets the copy of it in the QuickBooks itself. Such errors becomes problem because they consume all the hard disk space of QuickBooks by recreating number of files which are errors in such cases it is difficult for any user to get the issue resolved as it becomes very complex and only a QuickBooks support proadvisor can help out.

Such errors are created by a dysfunctional file in QuickBooks or there is a error in the company which actually keeps all the hard drive engaged in terms of nothing can be working in QuickBooks once the dbextclr11 error occurs. This error might corrupt the existing company also but the issue can be resolved which creates data loss as well but such errors can be taken care with the help of following commands:

  • There is a extension named as QBSearchIndexerError.txt which needs to be opened and this might want you to delete it and then again open it after recreation because of low disk space.
  • As dbextclr11 error keeps on recreating itself because of which the low disk space happen these files needs to be taken care by once deleting and then downloading.
  • You have to give the addition of the services that is registered with the user again so that the files which are again downloaded are not corrupted with dbextclr11 kind of error.

What dbextclr11 error does?

It creates the image of a file so many times that the hard disk space is full and it hangs doing any basic process in QuickBooks.  dbextclr11 kind of errors increases the CPU usage which can lead to the system going down. To avoid dbextclr11 error always keep all the files and folders in sequence and keep the password protection in each and every part of QuickBooks to keep the data safe and secure.

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