With QuickBooks, you have the freedom to manage the bookkeeping through various tools and can easily record the costs, deposits and payments.

There might be an instance when you have entered incorrectly recorded the deposits in the account register. Now you want to reverse it either by removing it from the company’s payment records or from the un-deposited funds. This is easily handled by the QuickBooks through the window of Make Deposits.

It also provides a convenient way to get the unneeded and wrong deposit records deleted from the account register. With QuickBooks, you can easily get the records deleted and can have full control over the bookkeeping process of your business.

Bank Deposit Accounts Type

There are several bank deposit accounts type are there, but some of them are listed below;

  • Current Account
  • Savings Account
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
  • Call Deposit Account
  • Time Deposit Account

Issues that users face while working on QuickBooks

Users generally ask questions like:

  • Delete the deposits in quickbooks?
  • Delete the Deposits in QuickBooks Desktop?
  • Remove A Payment from Deposit in QuickBooks?
  • Delete a Duplicate Payment in QuickBooks?
  • Delete A Payment from Un-Deposited Funds in Quickbooks?

Steps to Delete the Deposits in QuickBooks

? Open The Window of Make Deposit

Head to Quickbooks Banking Menu >> Open The Make Deposits Window >> All the deposits from your account register are listed in this window.

? Choose The Deposit Line

In Account Register >> Tap on the Deposite Line You Wish to Delete >> Open The Edit Menu in Currently Using Screen.

? Tap on Delete Line

To Remove Line from account register & Window of Make Deposits >> Tap on Delete Line.

? Tap on Press & Save

To get the transaction saved & close the window of Make Deposits >> Tap on Press and Save >> This will ensure that the deposit is removed

? Note To Take

  • Once the deposit is removed from the window of Make Deposits.
  • The payment is placed back to the Undeposited Funds.
  • But doesn’t completely get the payment deleted.

How to delete duplicate deposits in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, you can easily delete/remove duplicate deposits right from your bank feed. The process may vary depends on the modes that you’re using Here are the steps for the different mode to delete duplicate deposits in QuickBooks:

  • Initially, go to the “Banking” option that is on the top menu 
  • Go to the “Bank Feeds” then “Bank Feeds Center”
  • Press the ‘List of transactions’ button
  • Look for a duplicate deposit and insert a check-mark to select the same deposit
  • After that, you move to the Action column and then select the “Ignore” option
  • At last, hit “Yes” for confirmation to delete the deposit.

In Register mode

  • First of all, select the “Banking” menu 
  • Go to the “Bank Feeds” then “Bank Feeds Center” 
  • Now, go to the section of Received From Financial Institution items and pick the statement
  • Select ‘View’ afterward
  • Verify the relevant transactions and select Done to match them
  • In the Not Finished Matching screen, select “Yes” 
  • And then go back to the Online Banking Center 
  • Search and choose the same statement from the Items Received From Financial Institution section 
  • Finally, select “Delete”.

Side-by-side mode

  • Go to the Banking section 
  • Select the Bank Feeds option and then Bank Feeds Center 
  • Choose the account within the transactions that you wish to delete in the Items Received section 
  • Choose the Items to Delete 
  • Along with that select the transactions as well that you wish to delete
  • Choose the Delete Selected and then hit “Yes” to confirm the same.

Steps to Delete the Deposits in QuickBooks Desktop

? Log of Deposits from Your Account

Open QuickBooks software >> Browse the banking menu >> Click on the Make Deposits option >> Log of deposits from your account will appear.

? Select List of Deposits

When prompted by account register window >> Select from the given list the deposits you wish to erase >> Get the Edit menu opened.

? Click on Delete Tab

Click on the Delete tab >> To get rid of the deposit the Make deposits window and likewise from the account register.

? Click on the Save tab than Exit Button

Click on the Save tab so as to apply all the changes that you have made & then Click on the exit button to close the Make Deposits.

? Notes to Taken

Once the deposit is erased from the recorded list of Make Deposits >> The disbursement will be rolled back to the Funds >> This procedure won’t completely delete the transaction.

Batch delete Deposits in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Firstly, click the QuickBooks icon to open it 
  • Select the “Lists” bar in the main menu bar  
  • Using the pull-down menu, you have to select “Charts of Accounts” 
  • Next, click the open button in order to open your account that contains transactions/deposit that you wish to delete
  • Now, scroll down the menu of the transaction within the  account screen 
  • It displays all the transaction and selects the one you want to delete with the most recent which is at the top of your screen 
  • Once you select the transaction to delete then move to the Edit menu 
  • And then select the “Delete” option 
  • To confirm the process, you have to press “Ok”.

You can also repeat the same procedures for other transactions if you have more to delete.

How to Remove A Payment from Deposit in QuickBooks?

To Remove A Payment from Deposit in QuickBooks follow the steps below;

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Open Make Deposit Screen

    Go to Quickbooks Homepage >> Click Record Icon >> Open Make Deposit.

  2. Close The Deposit Screen

    If you find the “Payment to Deposit Screen” than Click on Cancel Button & Move Ahead.

  3. Look for The Deposit You Want to Remove

    Click on Previous Icon >> Now You’re at Intended Screen >> Scroll to Find Deposit.

  4. Click on Edit from the Options

    Choose The Payment You Want to Remove >> In Options Click on “Edit”.

  5. Hit the Delete Line

    In the Edit Menu >> Click on “Delete Line” to Delete Payment in Quickbooks.

  6. Confirm The Removal

    Select “Ok” >> Confirm The Payment Removal >> Click on Save & Close.

How to Delete a Duplicate Payment in QuickBooks?

If you’ve made a payment twice accidentally & worrying about how to delete duplicate payment. Don’t worry, It can be done through the simple steps mentioned below;

? Open The Company File

Head To QuickBooks >> click on company file >> Open It.

? Choose to Make a Deposit

Hit on the “banking” menu >> Look for Options >> Choose to Make a Deposit.

? Choose The Duplicate Payment Line

Choose the line that is Having duplicate payment >> Click on edit.

? Choose The Delete Line

Click The Drop Down Options >> Choose the “delete line” >> Click on “save to apply” the changes you made.

? Select Charts of Accounts

Head to List Menu >> select “charts of accounts”.

? Choose The Duplicate Payment to Delete

Double-Click on the Un-deposited Funds to bank account register >> choose the duplicate payment.

? Delete The Payment

Hit the edit button >> Select Delete Payment.

How to Delete A Payment from Un-Deposited Funds in Quickbooks

There are several ways of deleting a payment from undeposited funds, but mentioned below method is easy & quite easy to execute.

? Choose The Chart of Accounts

  • Go to Quickbooks Home Page >> Select The Lists Menu >> Choose The Chart Accounts
  • Or Hit the Keyboard Shortcut by Pressing “Ctrl+A”.

? Display The Register

To Display The Register for This Type of Funds >> Double Click on “Undeposited Funds”.

? Select the Payment You want to Delete

Review The List of Transaction by Up-Down Scrolling Button >> Select The Payment You Wish To Delete.

? Delete The Payment

Open the “Edit” menu >> click on “Delete Payment” >> Warning Box Appears >> Press “OK” to Delete the Entry.

How to delete deposit in QuickBooks 2019 Version

  • Initially, hit the “Record Deposits” icon on the QB home page to open the window of Make Deposits 
  • Once the window open then hit “Cancel” to close 
  • You can skip this step if the window does not appear 
  • First, to switch to deposits, press the ‘Previous’ button before you find the one you want to delete the payment from
  • Pick the charge you’d like to erase
  • And then go to the tab “Edit” and press “Delete Line”
  • Hit ok and then Yes to confirm that you want to delete that particular transaction 
  • At last, click “Save & Close” in order to save all the changes that are done and close the Make Deposits window.

How to delete a deposit in QuickBooks 2020?

If you have selected a deposit from the register, you can get the Delete Deposit option from the Edit toolbar. If a single deposit has several deposits, you can only open the transaction and use the Delete Line option instead.

  • The very first, go to the Lists option at the top menu bar 
  • Next, make a click on the option named “Charts of Accounts”
  • After that, choose “Deposit” by double-clicking on the same
  • In case, you wish to delete a specific payment then choose that particular from the appeared list 
  • Now, move to the “Edit” tab which you find at the top menu bar 
  • Select the option named “Delete Line” 
  • Then choose the “Delete Deposit” option if you wish to delete the entire deposit 
  • Finally, hit “Ok” when it asks you to confirm the delete of the transaction.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Deposit in QuickBooks

  • Login to Quickbooks
  • Click on Create (+) Button.
  • Proceed to select bank deposit.
  • Click on “Select existing payments” from the options..
  • Scroll through all the existing payment.
  • Recreate the one you deleted by mistake.

How to get the deposit deleted?

Say for example: Sales receipt is created by you for deposit or donation of $100, then you went to the Record Deposits and get the same deposited. An error was made by you and you wanted to delete the deposit of $100. It is not getting deleted now and you received two warnings.

Warning 1: “You have to get this cash sale deleted from deposit, before you try to edit or delete the amount or name.”

Warning 2: “Payment information cannot be edited in the deposit transaction. i) Get the payment deleted from deposit. ii) In order to edit it, go to the transaction of original payment. iii) Get the payment redeposited.”
Now in this scenario, you are unable to understand what to do and how to do. You go to the Sales receipt the original one and try clicking on the Edit Delete. You received the Warning 1. Then you tried making the Sales Receipt amount zero, which also doesn’t work.

You went to make Deposits present under record Deposits and try deleting the information then you received the Warning 2.

Now just in case you wanted to do what has been said in the Warning 2, but you don’t know how to do it?

To get the answer of all these issues and other issues as well you can always get in touch with our SMB QuickBooks tech support team on ?smbaccountants.com.


  1. Can I delete a duplicate payment in QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can delete it by following the process properly so that you wont make any mistake in the accounts.

  2. Is there any way to remove undeposited payments?

    Yes, follow the process to get it done. The process is Go to Chart of Accounts >> select the Undeposited funds in types >> Now click on the payment you want to delete >> Edit menu >> then click on Delete option. After that, you are done.

  3. What are the reasons that cause you to delete a deposit in QuickBooks?

    The reason can be any like wrongly entered the deposit, or the deposit is Undeposited fund, you have entered one payment more than 1 time, and more.

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