Difference Between Deleting & Voiding Sales Receipt in QuickBooks?

The differences between the Void and Deleting Sales Receipts users have to know to take the right decision. Outcomes that come from both will make a significant difference in the way that your accounting books are managed and displayed inside QuickBooks.

Open the sales receipts should be straightforward until they are required for a due date. By deleting all sales receipts, the user will be deleted from their company file permanently. On another hand, voiding sales receipts will keep the sales receipt number and list menu in the reports but changes might appear in the accounts to zero.

Before Going to Deleting the Sales Receipt section, Please make sure to know how to Backup sales receipt….

How to Backup Sales Receipts in QuickBooks?

  • In the first step, choose the menu icon or profile 
  • Then, choose settings and click on the Reports menu 
  • Go to the “Backup Receipts”
  • Open the time frame section, choose a tax year 
  • Fill in the email address that you need QuickBooks to send the file to
  • Click on the “Send” button then you email your sales in a ZIP document

How to Delete A Sales Receipt in QuickBooks

Are you looking forward to getting the sales receipt deposited from the QuickBooks account? Then let me tell you that the sales receipt or payment is not edited in the QuickBooks if it is connected with a deposit. What you can do is, you can delete the sales receipt and then add it again.

This one is considered to be the recommended solution to edit the deposited sales receipt. Let’s have a look on the process step wise:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Step One: Login to The QuickBooks Account

    Firstly, login to the QuickBooks account and then click on the icon of Gear, present at the page’s top. After that click on Chart of Accounts/Account and Settings

  2. Step Two: View Register/Account History

    ➤ Then tap on View Register/Account History, in order to know the number that are related with account.
    ➤ List of transactions related to that account will be visible to you now

  3. Step Three: Find Incorrect Sales Receipt

    Go through carefully the list of the transactions, until you are able to find specific transactions which have incorrect sales receipt.

  4. Step Four: Get The Transaction Opened Up

    ➤ After that tap on Deposit in register after that click on Edit, in order to get the transaction opened up.
    ➤ If the steps are followed by you correctly, then Deposits menu will be shown by QuickBooks

    Apart of what has been mentioned above, there are more steps, additional one, that will help you to get the sales receipt deleted from the deposit. For that:

  5. Step Five: Get The Check Mark Removed

    ➤ Tap on incorrect sales receipt, in order to get the check mark removed, which is present next to it.
    ➤ By doing this the payment will get deleted from deposit

  6. Step Six: Tap on Save

    Once done tap on Save, QuickBooks will confirm whether you agree with the process or not, click on Yes

By following the steps given above, you will be able to get the sales receipt deleted from the deposit.

2️⃣. How to Delete Bulk Sales Receipt in QuickBooks?

You can save your time deleting the bulk sales receipt in QuickBooks, go through with the below instructions:

  • In the first step, open the Sales menu 
  • Then, go to the “All Sales” tab
  • Hit your click on the “Filter” button from the drop menu options 
  • The next thing you have to do to choose  the “Sales Receipt” from the Type menu options 
  • Agree with on-screen instruction and click on the “Apply” button 
  • Once you are done with this process, then mark and select all the sales receipt that you want to delete 
  • Hit the right-click on the “Actions” column, all menu options will appear on your screen 
  • Hit the “Delete” option
  • And click on the YES button to confirm to delete sales receipts in bulk.

3️⃣. How to Delete Duplicate Sales Receipts in QuickBooks?

It is very necessary to delete the duplicate sales receipt

  • Firstly, locate and open the Sales Receipt 
  • Hit the click on the “More”
  • Choose the “Delete” option 
  • Click on the YES button to  give confirmation

How to Delete Sales Receipt in QuickBooks Online?

  • From the left navigation pane, open your Accounting tab
  • Select the “Chart of Accounts” and then click on the Account 
  • From the filter drop-menu, go to the “Transaction Type” and choose the Sales Receipt
  • Hit the Apply button
  • Enter your click on the “Sales Receipt” then choose the delete option 
  • At last, click on the Save button to finish the program

How to Delete a POS (Point of Sales) Sales Receipt in QuickBooks?

Once the sale is complete, QuickBooks allow you to store the receipts in its database, so that you can refer it in future. Though it is recommended to maintain a record of all the transactions that are completed, but then you are allowed to delete the receipts that are old, in case you do not need them.

It is also suggested by QuickBooks that instead of deleting you can make the receipts void. If receipts are turned void, then amount of transaction will become zero and the receipt will be marked as paid.

  • Open your QuickBooks and then  click on the “Customer Centre” from the top menu options
  • Go to the “Customers & Jobs” section and click on  the customer’s name field 
  • After this, “Show and Sales Receipts” on your screen
  • In case, if you unable to find the customer name  then click on the “Transaction & Sales Receipt”
  • Go to the filter receipts, if it is required. You can prefer the Date and Filter by drop-list menu 
  • Hit the double-click on the receipt that you want to delete. 
  • Then, click on the “Edit” menu and choose the  “Delete Sales Receipt” option to remove the receipt from our records permanently
  • At last, go to the “Bill To” field and click on the “Void Receipt”
  • After this, hit the Save button and you will find the marked receipt as paid.

Void & Delete A check in QuickBooks

How to Create Sales Receipts in Quickbooks?

To create the Sales Receipt in QuickBooks, go with the below guidelines:

1️⃣. Step One: Open the Sales Receipt 

  • Firstly, unlock the “Plus Sign Menu” 
  • Open the Customers menu 
  • Click on the “Sales Receipt ”

2️⃣. Step Two: Fill in the Customer details 

  • From the customer’s window 
  • Enter your customer’s name who’s paying for you 
  • If the customer is new then hit the Save button. You have to provide a generic name such as “Internet Sales”

3️⃣. Step Three: Select the products or services you required

  • In this step, the user needs to enter about required services or products for the customer.
  • If you find this service is new, then click on the “Add” button.
  • After this, enter all required data about this product/service.   

4️⃣. Step Four: Selection of Income account 

  • Go to the  product/service information window
  • Then, select the “Income Account”
  • Ensure this account is not blank, this is considered a bookkeeping account  
  • This account uplifts whenever you sold this product/service
  • Click on the Save button to finish the program  

5️⃣. Step Five: Choose the Payment method 

  • This step helps your customers to choose their choice of payment method to pay you.
  • If they prefer to do the payment via cheque then fill the cheque’s number in the reference number field. 

6️⃣. Step Six: Select the Bank Account 

  • Go to the “Deposit To” field 
  • Then choose the bank account in which you deposited your money 
  • If you integrated this cheque with other cheques and cash deposited at the same time 
  • Then, hit your click on the “Undeposited Funds”

7️⃣. Step Seven:  Perform the Print, Preview, and Printing section 

  • To check how the receipt looks like if you print it, choose the “Print or Preview” option from the bottom menu of your screen.
  • If you find everything is fine then you can easily print the receipt via the print preview. 
  • In any case, if you are not printing the sales receipt then hit your click on the arrow which is next to the save and send button.
  • Click on the Save & Close to end this process. 

8️⃣. Step Eight: Record your deposit 

  • At last, you are required to record all collective deposits in your QuickBooks.
  • Open the Plus Sign Menu and click on the “other” options and then select the “Bank Deposit”
  • Select the correct account and enter all required information under the “Add New Deposits” option and you are all done with this process.

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Infographic to Delete Sales Receipt in QuickBooks

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  1. What is exactly a sales receipt in QuickBooks?

    A sales receipt is a document that gives a detailed explanation to consumers of the goods or services they have bought from you. At the same time of sale if users receive a payment from a customer then they need to produce a sales receipt in QuickBooks to document both the transaction and the payment.

  2. How do QuickBooks Sales receipts help you in making payment?

    You may generate a sales receipt to report purchases in QuickBooks when selling products or services to a customer. Head over to Customer Center and pick to generate a receipt for sales. Pick the customer and enter all of the sales information. You can print out the QuickBooks sales receipt or e-mail it directly.

  3. How do you create sales receipts in QuickBooks with easy steps?

    Creating sales receipt is pretty helpful for an immediate payment. With a sales receipt, users can easily enter the information related to payment at the same time when they are entering the sale information.

    Follow the steps to create a sales receipt with ease:

    💠 Initially, select the + New option 
    💠 Next, select and click on Sales Receipt 
    💠 Now, choose the relevant customer name 
    💠 After that, enter the appropriate sales information 
    💠 Finally, hit the Save & Close option.

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