What different types of users can we have in our company and how to record in quickbooks

How to record different types of users in quickbooks?

Issue: what different types of users can we have in our company?
Solution: there are many types of users that you can look below:

  1. company administrator: this users has the all rights to any kind of services that you opt for.
  2. Regular or custom user: you might be not knowing that this particular user can access for the particular thing only.
  3. Reports only: these users can access to the QuickBooks online read only and they also do have the access to the audit log.
  4. Time tracking only: these particular users can do access to any other feature within the QuickBooks online.
  5. Accounting firms: these users should have some information how to add the accountant users and for doing this you just have to manage the accountant users.

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