Download Peachtree Database Repair Utility

The article will make you understand how you can download Peachtree Database repair utility. With the help of this utility, you can resolve all the issues related to Peachtree errors. Once you use is utility, you will be endorsed to determine what type of error has occurred to your system

  • Pervasive Database Engine that might have been patched improperly or damaged completely.
  • Data path might be containing outdated or corrupt data file.
  • Trouble while connecting the data file.

How to start the tool?

Follow certain steps in order to start the tool:

  • Extract all the files that are required for the functioning of the tool.
  • Carefully read license agreement and click on Agree.
  • You will see three tools then.
    • Create New Local Data Path
    • Install Pervasive
    • Remove Pervasive

How a new local path is created?

The factory that comprise all default files for Peachtree software and this utility creates a new data path directory with it. It also enables clean files’ set for the Peachtree software to function. the user can even copy the company to new data path directory. The Created New Local Data Path Utility is always taken as one of the advanced options.

Follow the steps we are mentioning below to create a new local path.

  • Validate new data path location.
  • Use Copy feature to the company as entire existing directory will be moved to recently created data path from previous path.
Point to remember: the user need to manage .ini file that allows the user to return to the first data path. Select original data path and then click on Make Active option. Now, close Database Repair Tool.

1. To Install Pervasive:

the user can install Pervasive very conveniently their local computer system. The user will automatically get all the updates installed in your system. Install pervasive utility is generally accompanied by Remove Pervasive. We recommend users to log-out and close all relative software. Here, user will receive the notification that suggests users to close all related programs.

2. To Remove Pervasive:

If you want to remove pervasive from the computer, uninstall the Pervasive from your local computer. It is recommended that you log out from the computer and close Peachtree software to use this utility. You will also get the reminder which will include the same.

Need Professional Help?

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  1. How to remove Pervasive using Database repair utility?

    💠 Download the Sage 50 Database Repair utility to remove the pervasive
    💠 After downloading, begin the tool to extract the irrelevant files.
    💠 After this, read the End User Agreement.
    💠 Hit on the Agree button to start using the utility
    💠 Choose the Pervasive from the appearing options.
    💠 Choose Run Button
    💠 Once you run the utility, start uninstalling the pervasive through the local system.
    💠 Once done, close the utility.

  2. What Types of issues I can diagnose with Database Repair Utility?

    💠 Damaged, outdated, or missing documents in the data path
    💠 If Pervasive Database Engine instance is wrongly patched
    💠 Network errors occurring while connecting data path

  3. What is Database Repair Utility?

    It is a tool that lets users quickly monitor the cause of the issue if it is due to the wrong patched instance in the database engine or the absence of mandatory files in the data path. The Database Repair utility is used for troubleshooting errors in QuickBooks.

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