Download QuickBooks 2009 & 2010: (Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Mac & Accountant)

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Downloading Procedure of QuickBooks 2009 and QuickBooks 2010

Downloading the QuickBooks program on your computer is easy and simple to do as a setup of downloading is in three simple steps. These three steps help you and download the edition that you want to download on your computer or system. There are a few steps that you have to cover by following the three steps in between the process. Three steps are mainly for your country, edition, and year for the software.

The whole process to download QuickBooks Desktop 2009 or 2010 software is as follows:-

  • To download QuickBooks Desktop,  you have to open this link
  • Then you get three options that are
    • Firstly, select the country in which you are living and using your QuickBooks account
    • Secondly, you have to select the version of the QuickBooks you want to download
    • Third, you want to select the year for your QuickBooks software that is 2009 or 2010
  • When you are done with these three steps above then you have to click on the Search button that got visible to you when you fill these fields
  • After that, you get the software download page for the edition you selected
  • Here on this page, you will get the download button in the green color so you have to click on it, and then the download starts
  • After completing the download, You can found this downloaded .exe file in the File Explorer downloads folder
  • Now, you have to install this downloaded file and then run this QuickBooks desktop software in your system.

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Direct Download QuickBooks Versions of 2009 and 2010

Download QuickBooks Pro

In QuickBooks Pro,  you get all the basic features and benefits with all previous version benefits and features. For downloading the QuickBooks Pro 2009 or 2010, you have to fill the three fields properly that is selecting the country, QuickBooks product (QuickBooks Desktop Pro), and the version that is 2009 or 2010. Then click on the Search button. You know you’re redirected to a download page where you can see the download button. Click on the download button and your exe file for QuickBooks Pro is downloaded in your system. Now, you just have to install and run it and use it for getting the benefits of this version and edition. The features include creating budgets automatically, enter or pay bills, tracking, integrating, save or distribute reports, invoicing, customizing forms or price levels, email attachments, and more.

Download Quickbooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier is a higher edition than the QuickBooks Pro. It consists of all the previous version features with additional features of this version or edition. To download QuickBooks you have to fill out the three options that are the country, the edition that is QuickBooks Premier, the year that is, and then click on the search button.  Now you have to download the  QuickBooks Premier edition into your Windows system. When downloading the edition is done then you have to install it and then run it for using it. It has industry-specific features and is a higher edition than the  QuickBooks Pro. You get features like generating purchase orders from estimates or sales orders, can apply price levels to specific items, reverse journal entries, access data remotely, and other features.

Download Quickbooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is the Industry-specific software that has choices for different industries. So that, you can choose the software according to your industry and get all the things related to it.  It is easy to download QuickBooks Enterprise by just selecting the country in which you live, edition as QuickBooks Enterprise, and the year as.  After selecting all the fields, you have to download the exe file of the software. Now, install, activate, and then run the software and start using it. 

This edition is for large operations and one company file can be accessed by 15 people at a time. Easy to work in different locations can have multiple company files, easy to make combine reports. It has an enhanced audit trail, you can limit user permissions, and more.

In the QuickBooks Enterprise edition, you get all the reports, forms, and other things according to the industry that you have chosen to install in your system. These things help you to grow your business more conveniently and also provides you the reports with the fields according to your industry. You can see how easy it is to download it and use it;  just go with the link and download it for your business to manage financial accounting.

System Requirements of QuickBooks 2010 and 2009

System Requirements are important to use the QuickBooks Desktop on your system whether it is Windows or Mac. The requirements must match before installing or updating the QuickBooks software according to the version of the software that you are going to use. There must be compatibility to work smoothly with the QuickBooks program. The basic system requirements of QuickBooks Desktop 2009 and 2010 are listed here.

Basic System Requirements for QuickBooks 2010 Version

  • Processor- 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 and recommended is 2.4 GHz
  • Operating System- Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Vista
  • Display- High color 16-bit SVGA supporting 1024×768 resolution with small fonts
  • RAM- 512MB is the minimum and recommended is 1 GB
  • Disk Space- Space of 1 GB should be vacated for data files
  • MS Office- 2000 and above
  • Recommended Internet Speed- at least 56 kbps
  • Internet Browser- Internet Explorer 6.0
  • CD ROM- 4 x CD-ROM drive.

Basic System Requirements for Quickbooks 2009 Version

  • Processor- 2 GHz Intel Pentium III and recommended is 2.4 GHz
  • Operating System- Windows XP and Windows Vista
  • Display- High color 16-bit SVGA supporting 800×600 resolution with small fonts
  • RAM- 256 MB is the minimum and recommended is 512 MB
  • Disk Space- Space of 1 GB should be vacated for data files
  • MS Office- 2007, 2003, 2002, or 2000 
  • Recommended Internet Speed- at least 56 kbps
  • Internet Browser- Internet Explorer 6.0
  • CD ROM- 4 x CD-ROM drive.

Features of QuickBooks 2010 and 2009

Features of Quickbooks 2010

There are many new and improved features that got added to the launch of the QuickBooks 2010 version. 

  • Things that got included for QuickBooks Accountants 2010
    • You can write off the entire customer’s balance at the same time with the help of additional tools
    • Updates for Intuit Statement Writer
    • In Client Data Review, you get additional tools to enable the comparison and reclassification of the expense account. It is done when it is required.
    • You can do the customizations now for any forms, and invoices.
  • Things that got included for Enterprise
    • The enhancements are done for the inventory assemblies. This permits you to add the custom fields like serial numbers, lot, job, listed items on bills, or modification of quantities.
    • There are some custom fields that got added like you can add more fields and do permit to restrict the input in that fields. The restrictions can be done for certain types of information like numbers and text.

Features of QuickBooks 2009

  • Multiple currencies- Now you can easily use both currencies home or foreign currency. When you use any currency then QuickBooks creates the accounts receivable and accounts payable for each. The amount is calculated by the program in the home currency.
  • Company status Dashboard- Dashboard helps you to see everything in one place and can implement in one click. This includes reminders, outstanding invoices, expenses, bills, and account balances. Also, check the quick report by clicking on the search option.
  • Share company files with Accountant- You can easily create and set up an external accountant so that everything of the company file can be accessed by the accountant. They also have tools to review and work on the company file.
  • Collaborate with colleagues- You can easily message your colleagues who are working on the same company file. This can be done using the QuickBooks Messenger that is in the Windows system tray. Double-click on it to start using it.
  • Online Banking improved- The looks got improved and the tasks are easier than before. You can download the transactions and provide the information that is missing. This is done when you forgot to record the transaction into your QuickBooks account. After reconciliation, you can delete the transactions that are not in use.
  • Live Community- In the live community, you can have discussions to get answers to your queries. To use it click on the Help menu then select the Live Community option.
  • Shortcut commands menus- There are commands in shortcut menus that you can access easily by right-clicking the windows and choose the command. Click on the Edit menu option. Further, choose the option Delete Invoice or Check.
  • Big Numbers- QuickBooks keeps your business growing when your company is doing good. QuickBooks is able to handle upto 10 trillion numbers.

How to Install QuickBooks 2009 and 2010 on A Different Version of Systems

The installation of the QuickBooks Desktop is easy with some simple steps. You just have to follow the steps and then do the installation smoothly without any interruptions. The installation is the main step where you have to take care of until it gets done successfully.

To install QuickBooks Desktop steps are as follows:-

Preparation Need to Do Before Installing The Quickbooks 2009 & 2010

You have to first prepare for the installation before starting the installation. There are few things that you have to check and verify. these things are:-

  • Check that all the system requirements are met before starting the installation process
  • Locate the downloaded file of the QuickBooks edition that you want to install on your computer. if not found then download QuickBooks first and save it at a convenient location
  • Take out the product key and License number in  your handwritten down on a paper or a notepad so that when it is asked then you don’t have to search for it

Installation Process of QuickBooks 2009 & 2010

  • Search for the downloaded .exe file of the QuickBooks edition on your computer
  • Then double click on the downloaded file to open it
  • You have to follow all the instructions that you get on your screen
  • While following the on-screen instructions, you have to accept the license agreement of the software
  • After that click on the Next button to proceed further
  • Now provide your Product key and License number 
  • Again, click on the Next button
  • For the Installation Type, you have 2 options from which to select anyone that is suitable to you. the 2 types of installations are as follows:-
    • Custom and Network Install
      • The Custom and Network Installation is recommended if you are:-
        • Setting the Multi-User network
        • Host your Company File on the Server
        • Install the QuickBooks edition in a different location other than the default
      • Then you have to select the Custom and Network Options
      • After that, click on the Next button
      • Click on the option that says how you use the QuickBooks
      • Now, on another screen that displays, in this click on the Change the install location
      • Click on the Browse option to select the location for saving the QuickBooks folder. Many people save this folder in the Program folder
      • Now do click on the Next button to start the installation
      • After completing the installation Progress Bar, click on the Finish Button
      • Click on the checkbox Open QuickBooks to open the software.
    • Express install
      • The Express Installation is recommended if you are-
        • Reinstalling the QuickBooks in your system
        • First-time user of QuickBooks Desktop
        • using the QuickBooks on a single computer
      • Then select the Express installation
      • Click on the Next button
      • After this, you will see the Install button; click on it
      • After finishes, the installation progress bar, click on the Finish button
      • Select the option Open QuickBooks.

Activation Process of Quickbooks 2009 & 2010

When your installation is done; QuickBooks asks you to activate the software and update it before start using it. So, to activate the steps are:-

  • Open the QuickBooks edition software if it is not opened
  • Go to the Help menu in the QuickBooks software
  • Then further select the option Activate QuickBooks Desktop
  • Now follow the instructions shown on your computer display
  • Then do verify the details also
  • In the end, when it finishes the QuickBooks software is activated in your system. The software is now ready to use.

QuickBooks Error Codes with Their Error Messages or Descriptions

There are many error codes and problems that you face while using QuickBooks Desktop. These problems may occur because of many reasons like downloading, installing, upgrading, updating, company file, database server manager, configuration with antivirus, printer problem, file errors (missing, damaged, or corrupted), and others. Here are a few error codes with their error messages or descriptions so that you must know about them. 

S.No.Error CodesDescription of Error Codes
1QuickBooks Error code C=9When you are copying your QuickBooks data from one location to another and the file is damaged in between then you encounter this error. Because of this the original company file also got damaged.
2QuickBooks Error Code H202You encounter this error code in your account when the company file is not on the location from where you are running that file. If you want to do it with a copy of the company file then that is also out of the reach.
3QuickBooks Error Code H303When the settings of the company file are not done as per the requirement then this error happens in your QuickBooks account.
4QuickBooks Error Code H505When you try to set up the multi-user account in your QuickBooks edition and you face issues while doing it then this error code happens.
5QuickBooks Error code 61You get this error n your QuickBooks Desktop when the settings of the Windows operating system are not done properly.
6QuickBooks Error Code 1335When you are doing the installation repairing process then you face the Microsoft Windows error that shows this error code to you.
7QuickBooks Java Error Code 1601When there is an interruption when you are doing the installation that causes you the incomplete installation and causes you this error code.
8QuickBooks Error Code 1920The service of Data Manager is not going to start and is not making the connection properly with the database. This is the main reason that causes you the error in your account.
9QuickBooks Error Code 2020The required parameter is missing in your QuickBooks Desktop account which causes you the error code 2020.
10QuickBooks Error Code 3371In QuickBooks, if you are unable to load the data of License then you encounter the QuickBooks error code 3371 in your account.
11QuickBooks Error Code 5030When the feature is not supported in your QuickBooks account and you are trying to use it then this error occurs in your account.
12QuickBooks Error Code 6000If you are not able to edit the transactions that are already deleted o it also happens when you set the amount of the transactions.
13QuickBooks Error Code 6000 77The file path is not correct or you have no permissions to access the file that you want to access or use it and you encounter this error.
14QuickBooks Error Code 6000 80The file is corrupted, damaged, or missing and you are trying to accessing it in your QuickBooks Desktop account.
15QuickBooks Error Code 6073 816When you are not able to open the company data file in your account or the permissions are not correct of the fie in your account then you caught this error code.
16QuickBooks Error Code 6123Restore the company file in the mode of multi-user while using the network then you encounter this error  in your QuickBooks Desktop account
17QuickBooks Error Code 6130, 0If you are opening the file after the reconciliation then you face this error.
18QuickBooks Error Code 6144If the path of the file is incorrect or the file is not available and you are accessing the file again and again then you encounter this QuickBooks Desktop error code 6144.
19QuickBooks Error code 6189When your QuickBooks Desktop account won’t detect the error in the company file that you are using so you encounter this error.
20QuickBooks Error Code 6470The error happens when the tax rate is not mentioned to apply or the tax is not applied on the transaction and you are applying it continuously.
21QuickBooks Error code 15103In QuickBooks Desktop, when you download the next version for the update to the current version then this error happens and causes you issues.
22QuickBooks Error code 15205The error encounters when you download or update the payroll in your QuickBooks account.
23QuickBooks Error 15241There are reasons that cause you this error are when the user is updating the payroll but it is not done properly that cause you the error and another reason is that the services are not available in your account that services are called QuickBooks Desktop FCS script.
24QuickBooks Error Code 15311You have to refresh your application or program to refresh all the changes or work properly in your application or program. But the user is unable to do this then you got this error in your QuickBooks account.

Pros & Cons of QuickBooks 2009 and 2010

Various pros and cons of the QuickBooks desktop 2009 and 2010 versions. The list is mentioned here for the pros and cons of the software versions so that you get to know about it.

Pros of QuickBooks 2009 and 2010

  • User-friendly platform
  • QuickBooks is available at budget-friendly prices
  • You get great accounting reports that are in a proper manner
  • Industry-specific reports can be done easily
  • You can access the software easily 
  • Find the error and fix it is the easy process
  • The integration is done with other systems and is also flexible with third-party applications.

Cons of QuickBooks 2009 and 2010

  • Limited user access in multi-user mode
  • Fewer tools for invoice design
  • Direct professional support is not available from intuit
  • Some features are not available in the QuickBooks like e-commerce, lot tracking, barcode scanner, etc
  • Issues with the file size
  • Transactions limitations
  • Risk of losing information
  • System freezing or crashing.

Upgrade QuickBooks to A Higher Version

Upgrade QuickBooks to another version or to the latest release or to the version that is available in your upgrade. The process is here to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop account from your current QuickBooks account edition.

The upgrade process is mentioned here to install an upgrade from your current using QuickBooks. The upgrade can be done on time to get the benefits of new, advanced, and improved features. Do upgrade it manually from existing software or directly download it from the links mentioned below. 

QuickBooks Pro to QuickBooks Enterprise Upgrade

The upgrade helps you to work without facing the errors and problems that you are facing because of using the outdated version of QuickBooks software.

Here are the steps that you have to follow:-

First Phase – Download and Install the Upgrade

In this, you have to first download the latest release and then install it within your existing software. The download can be done from your software itself using the Help menu and then updates then check for it to download it. So the steps to do this are mentioned here:-

  • You have to download the upgrade file 
  • Then the installation started automatically if not then you have to do it manually by going to the downloads folder
  • From the download folder, double-click on the exe file to start the installation process
  • Now installation wizard opens up
  • You have to follow instructions that are displayed on your screen
  • Click on the Next button until you reach the installation progress bar
  • After completing the installation progress bar click on the Finish button
  • Now you are done with the upgrade installation
  • Before starting using software change your company file as well

Second Phase – Preparation for Company Data File

In this phase, you have to prepare your file according to the upgraded version. With this, you can easily import your file into the upgraded version and won’t face any issues.

  • Open your QuickBooks account on your computer
  • Now open the QuickBooks company data file that you want to upgrade
  • Then press the F2 button from the keyboard that opens up the information window in your account
  • Go to the section of File information in it
  • After that, you have to note down the location information of the company file
  • Download, install, and then use the QuickBooks rebuild tool for the QuickBooks Company file.

Third Phase – For Upgrading The Company File

Now after preparing the file, upgrade it and use it easily with your upgraded version of your QuickBooks account. Here are the steps that you have to follow to complete the process of upgrading your company file.

  • First of all, check that you are log in to your QuickBooks Desktop account
  • Then open the software on your system
  • In QuickBooks, click on the File menu option
  • Go to the option Open or Restore the Company file
  • Then further click on the Open a Company file 
  • Select the Next button to proceed further
  • You also have to check that which file you are upgrading as there are 2 types of files QBB and QBW file
    • If you have a QBW file to upgrade
      • Then open it in the QuickBooks upgraded version
    • If you have a QBB file to upgrade
      • Then select the option Restore a backup file
      • Click on the local backup option than to upload the file you have to search for it
      • Select the location that you noted down in the above steps 
      • Open the file by clicking on the option Open
  • Now, you have to log in as the admin so that you have all the admin rights
  • The backup for the company file that you want to upgrade is already created 
  • After this, select the label to change the location that is the default so that you can save the backup in the location you want to save
  • You have to click on the Upgrade Now button or option that started your process of upgrade
  • When the process is completely done and you are upgraded to the latest or available version then click on the Done button.

How Should You Download and Install QuickBooks?

If you’re looking to install QuickBooks for the first time, it’s easier than you might think. Download the software from the official Intuit website once you have a reliable internet connection and enough disk space to store it. You can then pick either a full or custom installation based on your preferences after following the installation wizard prompts. Use the provided product keycode to activate QuickBooks successfully. Following these five simple steps should get you up and running with QuickBooks in no time.

Step 1: Ensure These Things

  • Ensure that you have the right version of QuickBooks.
  • Make sure you check the system requirements.
  • Analyze the functionality of the Internet connection.

Step 2: Purchase and Download QuickBooks

  • Visit the official Inuit website.
  • From the various alternatives, select the one that suits you best. 
  • Check out the prices of QuickBooks Desktop, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. 
  • Select the desired product by tapping it.
  • Fill in the details of your credit and debit cards as well.
  • Now a window with the license and product code will appear.
  • In addition, you will receive an email confirmation. 
  • Once the screen appears with it, click Download QuickBooks. 
  • Save the software somewhere you can find it easily.
  • Make sure you save the software somewhere you can easily find it.
  • Wait until the process is complete.

Step 3: QuickBooks Installation

  • Start by accessing the QuickBooks.exe file you downloaded.
  • On the permission dialog box, click Yes.
  • Make sure you read the instructions carefully.
  • Click I agree. 
  • Choose Next. 
  • You just need to specify the product code and the license code after that.
  • Tap Next then. 

Update 2009 QuickBooks Pro

Your file is currently in Release 1, but the QuickBooks software on your new laptop requires Release 14 to open the file. It can be frustrating when technology doesn’t work as expected, especially when it affects your work or business.

Since your small theater can’t afford to upgrade to the latest QuickBooks version right now, there are a few options you can consider to address this issue.

One option is to try and convert the file to a compatible version that can be opened by the QuickBooks software on your laptop. To do this, you can open the file on your desktop computer and export it to a format that is compatible with your QuickBooks Pro 2009 version. This can be done by selecting “Export” from the “File” menu and choosing the appropriate file format.

Another option is to use a third-party file conversion tool that can help you convert the file to a compatible format. These tools can be found online, but it’s important to be cautious when downloading and using them. Make sure to research the tool and read reviews from other users before downloading and using it.

If these options don’t work, you can try reaching out to QuickBooks support for assistance. They may be able to help you find a solution or provide alternative options to open the file.

In any case, I understand how frustrating this situation can be, but I hope these suggestions help you find a solution that works for you and your theater.

Upgrade Your Version to QB Desktop 2009 R13, R14 and R15

Perhaps this information could be useful to you if you’re facing a similar situation. Recently, I encountered a similar issue when I set up my new laptop. I have been using QuickBooks Pro 2009 for a long time and needed to transfer both the program and data to my new device while I decide whether or not to upgrade to the new QuickBooks online. Here’s what I did:

  • Save a copy of your current company file to a USB drive.
  • Install Quickbooks 2009 from the original CD onto your new computer.
  • COPY the entire folders in the following directories on your old computer to a USB drive:
    • C:/Program Files (x86)/Intuit/Quickbooks 2009
    • C:/users/(your user account on your machine)/AppData/Local/Intuit/Quickbooks
    • C:/users/(your user account on your machine)/AppData/Local/Intuit/Quickbooks2009
    • C:/Program Data/Intuit/Quickbooks
    • C:/Program Data/Intuit/Quickbooks2009

Note: When you click “View” in the menu, select “Hidden Items”, and you should be able to see the “AppData” and “Program Data” folders in File Manager (these are System folders that normal users don’t usually mess with).

  • The system will ask if you want to replace all the current files with the ones you’re copying – say YES to replace them all. Take the folders you copied above and paste them to the MATCHING LOCATION on your new computer. To make sure I didn’t miss anything, I copied one folder at a time to each location.
  • You can continue working with Quickbooks 2009 for as long as you like by opening your company file in Quickbooks 2009.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

  1. What are the things that I have o take care of before processing the QuickBooks 2009 or 2010 update or upgrade?

    There are a few things that you have to do before starting the update or upgrade process:-

    1. Firstly, take the backup of your current data of QuickBooks and make multiple copies of the backup file and save it in different locations 
    2. Check for the system requirement according to the update or upgrade you are doing 
    3. Turn off the Antivirus and firewall software that is running on your computer.

  2. What is the Difference between QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2009 or 2010 products?

    The main difference is about the user license that how many users you can use into your QuickBooks account. After that, you get unique features with the previous version or edition features in it. It also differentiate on the basis of looks and appearance. The more you go with higher version or edition the more your work done in smooth and easy manner.

  3. Why I required QuickBooks 2009 or 2010 Download?

    There are different reasons that you are required to download QuickBooks version. These reasons are like:-

    1. When you want to upgrade to QuickBooks older version
    2. When there are issues in the installation folder or file
    3. When you are transferring your QuickBooks to another system or computer
    4. When you are new to the QuickBooks software
    5. In the case of clean installation, sometimes, you have to download the QuickBooks installation file again.

  4. Did I lose any data if I upgrade or update my QuickBooks 2009 or 2010 to the latest release?

    There is no data loss while upgrading your QuickBooks account. When you upgrade your older version of QuickBooks to the latest release 2009 or 2010 then the company file is not automatically upgraded. You have to upgrade your company file to keeps your data safe and secure. But still, to make your data super secure create a backup before upgrading to the latest release.

  5. Where can I find the QuickBooks 2010 or 2009 Company Data File?

    1. In Windows XP- C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files
    2. In Windows Vista and 7- C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks\Company Files

  6. Can I download an older version of QuickBooks?

    If you are an experienced QuickBooks user or an accountant who handles numerous QuickBooks clients, you may find it useful to have access to both newer and older versions of QuickBooks Desktop. It is possible to install and run multiple versions of the software, including different years and editions (such as Pro, Premier, and Enterprise), on the same computer.

  7. Can I install QuickBooks 2010 on Windows 10?

    At present, QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) does not provide support for Windows 7. Therefore, we strongly advise that you upgrade to Windows 10. Although you may still be able to use previous versions of QBDT on Windows 7, upgrading to Windows 10 can enhance the security of your QuickBooks data, including sensitive information belonging to your employees and customers.



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