Enter A Bill in QuickBooks Desktop

Process of entering A Bill In Quickbooks Desktop

If you are a new kid and want to learn how to enter a bill in QuickBooks it is an easy task and you will not have to invest too much time to learn that.

Steps You Need to Follow:

  1. Step One

    Open the home page.

  2. Step Two

    Click on the bill section enter the vendor name using the drop-down menu and look at the date.

  3. Step Three

    You have to look for the invoice and the amount you want to add.

  4. Fourth Step

    You will see the tab for Expenses or items( For example you have bought a Laptop

  5. Fifth Step

    Select the Tax as GST it will be automatically added to your bill amount.

  6. Step Six

    You can also give name to the customer job to keep a track of the bill activity.

  7. Step Seven

    You need to ensure what kind of bill it is whether it is an expense or a reimbursement.

  8. Step Eight

    Look for the save and close the tab and you are done adding a bill to your QuickBooks Software.

Need Professional Help?

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