Steps to Enter Expense Receipts into Quickbooks Easily

To Enter Expense Receipts into Quickbooks there is a two step processor, which are mentioned below. You have to complete each step carefully.

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  1. Recording Expenses in QuickBooks

    To record expenses in quickbooks, follow the mentioned below steps:

    Step One: Open Expenses

    πŸ’  Go to Create (+) Menu and then choose Expense present under Suppliers

    Step Two: Select the Payee

    πŸ’  In case of any new payee, write down their name and then click on Add
    πŸ’  Tap on Details, if you want to get the more information added or you can also Save and then make the changes later

    Step Three: Choose the Account

    πŸ’  Select the account from which the money came for the purchase. Do not forget that, if debit card is used then you should select the Chequing Account, no matter the card has the logo of Master Card or Visa.

    Step Four: Get the Date entered

    πŸ’  Mae sure that you enter the date correctly of when the purchase was made by you

    Step five: Entering the Payment Method

    πŸ’  Enter that how the purchase was made? Select the mode accordingly, credit card, cheque or cash

    Step Six: Choosing the Category

    πŸ’  From Account, select the category that is appropriate for the service or item for which the payment was made by you
    πŸ’  If services and items were bought by you from this particular cheque from the different categories then make sure that each category is entered along with the amount that was spent on the items, you should separate the lines by tapping on Add Lines

    Step Seven: Get the Description added

    πŸ’  In the field of description, make sure all the details of this purchase are added

    Step Eight: Adding the Amount

    πŸ’  In the field that represent amount, get the amount added for the purchase. In the field of Sales Tax add the sales tax that is applicable to it

    Step Nine: Saving

    πŸ’  Tap on Save and New in order to get this expense saved and to start the other one. You can also click on Save and Close if you are don with your work and do not want to start the other expense.

  2. Entering Store Receipts in QuickBooks

    πŸ’  Start QuickBooks and tap on menu of Customers and after that on Enter Sales Receipt
    πŸ’  Now from drop down menu of Current Template, tap on “Daily Sales Summary”. Option of New Template is also available, you can select it and get all the available fields updated
    πŸ’  Go to drop down menu of Customer Job and type Register Summary there. If Register Summary is not created by you then click on Quick Add. You can also tap on Set Up in order to get the new record created
    πŸ’  Then in the column of Amount, get the transaction cost added for each and every item in the separate line. After that get the number added for each item’s quantity in the column of Quantity

Issues Users Face

Question that is generally asked by the users is that, how the receipts and expenses are entered in QuickBooks. For example: users own a small business and using QuickBooks Pro Desktop. He/she wanted to know that how can the expenses be entered which were made part. Expenses could be any such as purchase receipts etc.

Need Professional Help?

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