How to enter reimbursable expense in quickbooks online and enterprise 2016

How to enter reimbursable expense in QuickBooks.

You can record reimbursable expense in QuickBooks then the later on it includes sales receipts,invoice and the statement charge for the customer job. You can record reimbursable expense by just following the below steps:

  • Open the bill, check or the appropriate things according to your needs, then you just have to enter the vendor name and reimbursable items
  • Write down in the billable column and fill the appropriate details in that.

After that you just have to record the invoice, sales receipts and many more things but one thing you have to keep in mind that you enter all the information manually the invoices usually takes the description from the item list.

QuickBooks Reimbursable Expense Support

If in any case you have deleted your invoice then again you want that invoice then you should open the expense where your invoice has been recorded,it is like where is your perfect document for your invoice not the receipts for the vendor that you paid.