Convert Epicor to QuickBooks files?

How to convert from Epicor to QuickBooks files

The Epicor is the accounting software which is used in the various businesses for the account management. The QuickBooks provides more advanced features than the Epicor.

If you are using the epicor accounting tool and want to migrate in the QuickBooks, you have to transfer all the data in the new QuickBooks files. It can be a long process to create a new data file for the QuickBooks because there can be heavy data in the Epicor files. It is the best option to change or convert the epicor files in the QuickBooks files.

You can easily convert the current file in the new QuickBooks file all the data and information can be used in the QuickBooks tool. This conversion is possible for all versions of the QuickBooks. You can get the conversion services for the pro, premium, online or the enterprise versions of the QuickBooks.

You will get all the important and useful data in the new file. It also increases the performance and speed of the data files because you will get the fresh file free from any error or the damages.

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    You will get the following type of data in the new file of QuickBooks

    1. Data of lists

    The data and information is stored in Epicor in form of lists. The lists contain large data which is about the clients, items, products and the employees. All this data is important for the company and you will get the complete data of the lists in the new file of QuickBooks when you convert the file from the Epicor.

    2. Transaction information

    The transaction data contains all the details about the financial exchanges of the company. You will get the detail that is in use and which is important for the company. The sales, purchases, income, salary and other transaction information are converted in the new QuickBooks file.

    3. Choose the Right QuickBooks

    Our specialized QuickBooks Epicor to QuickBooks Conversion Expert will invest time in understanding your business and your existing system. We will carefully assess your team’s requirements from an accounting system and determine the appropriate QuickBooks products to fulfill those needs.

    4. Create Template

    During this process, we will create tailored workflows to ensure that QuickBooks is optimized for your business. This involves extracting data, including various reports like Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, Profit & Loss statements, monthly balance sheets, and any other relevant data that requires conversion to QuickBooks.

    5. Go Live & Train

    Providing training to your team is essential to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the new software. We will conduct comprehensive training sessions to ensure that your team is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize the new QuickBooks system.

    6. Close & Review Project

    Through this process, we will identify any additional data or monthly reports necessary to enhance your business operations. If there are any supplementary files that need to be transferred, we will extract and migrate them from your old system to QuickBooks seamlessly. This ensures that all relevant information is available and accessible within the new accounting framework.

    7. Follow Up

    Once the QuickBooks software is up and running, you will have the freedom to operate it independently. Should any issues arise, our team will be readily available to assist in resolving them promptly. Moreover, if there are specific features or data that were left behind in your previous legacy system, we will retrieve and incorporate them into QuickBooks. Our primary objective is to ensure that you derive maximum value and efficiency from your accounting software, meeting all your business needs effectively.

    All this information will be converted to the new file. If you want to convert your current epicor file in the QuickBooks file, you can get the online services for it. They make it easy for you to get your complete data in the new file of QuickBooks.

    This is an online process and you will upload the backup of the file on online website and they will convert the epicor file in the QuickBooks file. They provide the download link where you can download the QuickBooks file with your complete data.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Epicor integrate with QuickBooks?

    Achieve seamless and error-free data sharing between Epicor Propello and QuickBooks Online through our integration services. This integration enables the synchronization of vital elements such as Customers, General Ledger, Suppliers, Terms, and Stores, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry. Enjoy a streamlined and efficient data transfer process, optimizing your business operations with ease.

    Does Epicor do accounting?

    Epicor Eagle’s retail accounting software offers comprehensive solutions for your retail business. It empowers you to efficiently sell products and manage inventory while closely monitoring cash flow and tracking expenses. With this software, you can streamline various aspects of your retail operations, ensuring better financial control and improved business performance.

    Is Epicor a CRM system?

    Epicor CRM offers the necessary tools and insights to deliver a top-notch customer experience at every interaction. With the advanced collaboration capabilities in Kinetic (formerly known as Epicor ERP), your employees, departments, and supply chain partners can seamlessly connect, enabling your entire company to be more agile and responsive. This integration ensures a streamlined and efficient approach to customer service, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and driving business growth.



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