Error 1911 Could Not Register Type Library for File in QuickBooks Desktop

When the user tries to install the QuickBooks pro-2016 on a windows server 2012 R2 system, then error 1911 could not register type library for file in QuickBooks desktop comes up on the screen. This guide helps you in rectifying it.

In QuickBooks all the files are characterized with the type of library to keep all the files and data in a sequence. Such file types can get errors like Error 1911 which stops the process to register the file type which is assigned to QuickBooks.

Such errors can be removed by the diagnostic tool which comes in the QuickBooks or re-installation of the software removes such errors.

Why Error 1911

In QuickBooks error which do not register the type of library files like Error 1911 are observed if there was a problem while running a update or any kind of update process stops due to any reason. When a update stops in QuickBooks it stops sending the data files to the process running which creates a issue due to which QuickBooks stop working.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1911: Could not register type library for file

  • By rechecking the updates and running the update in QuickBooks if needed will fix Error 1911 to register the file type in the library.
  • Keeping the format of the library file will recreate the same type of library in QuickBooks.
  • There are some diagnostic tools which complete the updates and create fresh library files.
  • In registries there might be a chance to find the lost library file which fixes the error in QuickBooks.

Such errors can be fixed easily by looking at the registry of update that was performing or uninstall and re-installation of QuickBooks fixes the issue also.

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  1. Are downloading and reviewing the PESxec help me to fix the error code 1911 and how?

    Yes, you can easily resolve this error by downloading and reviewing the PESxec. Here’s how:

    ? Initially, download and install PESxec Directory 
    ? Next, look for QB Installer within the installed directory
    ? Now, open the prompt command CMD 
    ? After that, run PSExec-is QB installer in order to install the QB system
    ? The diagnostic tool QuickBooks Install is stored in the update folder and is usually named 1.exe.
    ? Finally, login as usual via the installer.

  2. What is the technical process involved to get rid of error code 1911 in QuickBooks?

    You can go through the technical process if you’ve sufficient technical knowledge:

    ? Activate Built-in Administrator 
    ? Switch into Built-in Admin Account 
    ? Hide Built-in Administrator Account 
    ? Change installation directory security settings

  3. How do I hide the Built-in Administrator?

    To begin with pressing the Windows key and type CMD within the search box. Next, hit the CMD by right-clicking on the same. And then try to run as an Admin. After that, you need to type Net User Administrator/ Active: Yes and then press the Enter key from your keyboard.



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