Error Initializing QuickBooks POS application log. Getting this error when opening POS

The error initializing QuickBooks POS application log is as simple as that and sometimes there is the situation that this problem usually occurs when you launch any program and if this problem occurs then it is an emergency that you should contact technical support.

How to Resolve Error Initializing QuickBooks POS Application Log

There are Two solutions for this problem and also you need to follow the different steps for the different windows that you are using.

Now look below the different solutions:

1. Solution One:

Content of qbposshell folder should be edited.

2. Solution Two:

You can create a new window admin

Different solutions are being used for the different windows.

A. Solution for (windows 10,8.1 and 8)

  • Select task manager then while selecting the qbposshell click on the end task.
  • Choose file explorer and then you just have to rename the file which is user.config to user. configold.
  • At last close the window and after that open QuickBooks pos for desktop.

B. Solution for (windows 7 and vista)

  • Select start task manager then while selecting qbposshell.exe click on the end process.
  • Click on the organize and then you have to choose the folder and search options.
  • Now select the show hidden files and folders and last click on ok.
  • Rename the user.config file to user.configold.
  • The last step is just lose the window and open the QuickBooks point of sale for desktop.

C. Solution for (windows 10,8.1 and 8)

  • Click on the window start button and after that select the control panel.
  • Click on manage another account and add a new user in the PC settings link.
  • Enter all the details that are needed and leave the password blank.
  • Now after restarting your computer you just have to sign in with the new administration account and at last you can just open the QuickBooks pos for desktop.

D. Solution for (windows 7 and vista)

  • Click on the windows start button and then select the control panel.
  • Again on this you have to create a new account.
  • Restart your computer and sign in with the new administration account.
  • In the end you just have to open QuickBooks pos for desktop.

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