Your business can be of bigger scale or a small in-house business can also work successfully. At some point, you will have to deal with certain commercial transactions. Either it can be purchasing raw materials or delivering it to the end user; all of it counts and is eligible to be named as invoices. 

In layman terms, it can be considered as a bill you send when someone owes you a payment. Not only this, but the invoice usually outlines the terms and conditions of the deal. Invoice maintenance will keep you informed for cash inflow and outflow. By maintaining an invoice record, you will have a precise idea of your current investment, expenses and future plans for your business.

Since we already are a part of the digital marketing era, our approach should also be updated. Dealing with invoices can be the least favourite task, but quite a crucial one. One has to handle this with constant vigilance or it will directly impact your business dealings. To save all those length hours of work and a headache, QuickBooks is the best accounting software to go with.

QuickBooks offers ease of operation and will make you fall in love with record keeping as well. Having your data on your tip is always counted as an impressive option. With the help of a cloud-based version, you can send or create invoices for your vendors or suppliers anytime you want with precise accuracy. It is a one stop solution you can look for in your business. It has been built with a multi-task approach, so it can take care of your record keeping, data, expenses, transactions as well as invoices. 

You can track sales, create or send invoices at any time. It does not matter if you do not have the accounting background. A thorough read through instructions session is all you require and you will be able to manage your business smartly. And, a quick access to your business transactions at any time is another added advantage.

How to Export Quickbooks Customer List in Few Simple Steps?

In order to keep this information handy, you can choose to export the invoices from QuickBooks.

Refer to the following steps for the same:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks account 
  2. Click on the Reports tab to get the desired set of report
  3. Go to the search box and lookup the Invoice list, then enter
  4. You can choose to customize the Report basis date range
  5. Once you have all the desired information on the page, press the Run report button.
  6. Once you reach the reports page, click the Export button 
  7. Choose to Export to Excel

This will export your selected list of invoices to an excel sheet where you can make further changes if required.

In case, you need to send multiple invoices:

  1. Login to QuickBooks account and go to Sales Menu
  2. Click Sales and then select All Sales tab button
  3. Tick all the transactions you want to export, email or print
  4. Select Batch actions and then choose Print transactions or Send transactions

These steps will allow you to export invoices easily. However, if you need quick assistance, you can touch base with QuickBooks technical help desk team at Chat Option Below…

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