Find QuickBooks Version by Product Number

Product details are compulsory to install the QuickBooks application. Without the license number and product number, you can use QB. But it is often when you lose your QuickBooks product or license number. If you’re going through the same situation then don’t worry as this blog covers all the relevant information to find the QuickBooks version by product number.

List of QuickBooks versions

Checking the product version as well as the Release of QuickBooks is important for any QuickBooks user. Before you start troubleshooting the QuickBooks product error, it is better to have the information on the release and version. It will help you to update QuickBooks as required.

QuickBooks Desktop including Enterprise, Premier, or Pro

  • To know the release as well as the version, while you are on QuickBooks, press the F2 key. Now on the window of Product Information, check Product Line.
  • To get the QuickBooks Desktop update for Windows, make sure that the automatic update is turned on by you, which allows QuickBooks to get the latest updates downloaded, no matter whether the program is running or not. If you do not want to use this feature then ensure that QuickBooks is updated manually at least once a month.

Knowing the last QuickBooks version used for opening the file

  • On the QuickBooks Desktop, make sure that press the key F2 or Ctrl+1
  • Then go to the window of Product Information, search Versions Used on the File section

QuickBooks for the Mac for the US only

  • To see and know the release and version, while working on QuickBooks Desktop, first of all, go to Help menu and then to Product Information
  • For updating QuickBooks Desktop for Mac get the QuickBooks Desktop updated either automatically or manually

QSW or QuickBooks Statement Writer

1. To check the release and version of QSW:

  • On QuickBooks Desktop firstly go to the Reports menu then to the QSW or QuickBooks Statement Writer
  • As soon the program opens up, select Help and then About QuickBooks Statement Writer. You will be able to see the information of the version in About Window

2. To get the QuickBooks Statement Writer updated

  • Get the QuickBooks Statement Writer opened
  • Then choose Help Center and then select Update

QuickBooks Enhanced or Basic or  Payroll for the US only

1. To get the payroll version checked:

  • On the QuickBooks Desktop, firstly go to the Employees menu and then to Payroll Center
  • Select the tab of Payroll to view the window of Subscription Status

2. Make sure that the Payroll tab is selected so that you can view the window of Subscription Status

  • By downloading the payroll tax table which is the updated one, you will be able able to get the latest payroll update downloaded

POS or QuickBooks Point of Sale for the US only

  1. To have a look at the release and version of POS, go firstly to the Help menu and then to About Point of Sale. Version and edition will appear at the top of the Product line
  2. To get the QuickBooks Point of Sale updates installed and downloaded:

1. Updating Manually

  • Go to the web page of Downloads and Update
  • Now from the drop-down of Select Product choose the QuickBooks Point of Sale
  • Now from the drop-down of Select Edition make sure that the appropriate edition is chosen
  • Then from the drop-down of Select Version get the appropriate year or version chosen
  • Then select the Search
  • After that, choose Get latest updates and then make sure that file is saved to the download update
  • As soon as the download gets complete, click twice on the install file. Once the installation is properly complete, you may have to get the Windows restarted
  • You can get the manual updates installed across the network by:
    • Getting access of install files on your system from the other system
    • Get the install file copied to the flash drive and after that to the desktop of the other system

2. Updating Automatically

1. Option One: Using Point of Sale updater of QuickBooks Desktop

  • Go to the Help menu and then select Software Updates after that select Check for Updates
  • Select the button on Update now radio and then click on OK
  • Once you see the message which says that Update Complete, get the QuickBooks Point of Sale for Desktop closed, and then do not forget to restart your system

2. Option Two:

Get the download done automatically in future
By opting for this option, you will be able to get the future updates downloaded automatically as soon as they get released

  • Go to the Help menu and select the Software Updates and then Updater Preference
  • To get the automatic updates turned on, go to the General tab and select the button on radio to get the Automatic download updates
  • If you are willing to get the automatic downloads shared with other computers as well on your network, then go to the tab of Shared Downloads and choose Yes
  • After that click on OK

QuickBooks Payments or QuickBooks Merchant Services for the US only

For Merchant Payments and Services, there is no release or version available as QuickBooks is used as the entry point for the Merchant Services server.

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  1. How do I find the product information of QuickBooks Desktop?

    If you are using QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, or Enterprise then you can follow these steps:

    ? Launch your QuickBooks Desktop 
    ? Press F2 from your keyboard and then the product information window open
    ? Here you can check out the product name, product number lookup, license number lookup
    ? Look for the release that you find at the end of the product name
    ? In the “Version Used on the File” section, you can search for your version.

  2. How to get product information for MAC in QuickBooks

    Open your QB Desktop for Mac and then go to the Help menu. Hit the option “Product Information” to get the details. Here you can find all the information which you want.

  3. What are the steps to get product details of QuickBooks Point of Sales (POS)?

    Go to the Help menu and select the option named “About POS”. Look for the version and edition within the product line.



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