Error 324 or 106 is an issue related to online banking and can be resolved if you complete simple steps to make it work properly.

Following are the steps which you need to take to smooth banking with QuickBooks and to resolve Error 324 or 106 on QuickBooks:

Follow the below steps to resolve the error

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. First Step:

    Check internet connection : Online baking transaction is based on internet you will not be able to download or upload.

  2. Second Step:

    Set up Banking: If you are setting up bank 1st time ensure that it is listed under financial institutions

  3. Third Step:

    If still you are not able to then disconnect online bank with that specific bank account and reconnect.

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There are other issue which might also occur when using Quickbooks with Online banking Quickbooks Online banking Issues With Transactions and many more issues.

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  1. What is QuickBooks error code 324 or 106?

    It is a common banking error code that usually occurs when QuickBooks Online fails to find the accounts while logging into online banking on a particular website of the bank. The most probable cause behind the eruption of this banking error can be your bank when it has closed and that’s the reason it won’t display details on the bank’s website.

  2. How can we easily fix the QuickBooks error code 324 or 106?

    It is easy to fix Error 324 by clicking on the link at the end of the error message. When you click the link, follow the steps that prompt you to select your updated account with your bank. The link indicates “Reconnect my account link”. After that, try to log in to the website of your bank using the URL that is provided with online banking.

  3. How to fix if I have set up the connection to Wells Fargo’s business account or personal account?

    Sometimes, when you’re trying to set up the connection to your Wells Fargo’s business account or personal account then an error message pops up due to the method your bank uses to provide us with your details.

    Perform the following provided steps:

    💠 Initially, open Well Fargo Internet banking website 
    💠 Under the Account summary on the first page select the business account using the drop-down 
    💠 And then hit the Go button 
    💠 Next, choose the option labeled with “Set as Default View” 
    💠 Log in to QuickBooks Online now and set up the link for online banking in Well Fargo. You will not be able to concurrently locate both personal and company accounts as the default view. And you’re going to be forced to turn these on their site for that purpose. Each time you update your private and business accounts for the non-default account in QuickBooks Online.

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