Windows error code -12 0 normally occurs when system settings are incorrectly configured or there are various in your Windows registry. If you’re facing the same dilemma, don’t worry, as this blog covers full solutions to the problem.

If you may noticed that your QuickBooks is running very slow and your computer is crashing and the freezing is happening time and you see “Quickbooks Error Code (-12 0)” is displayed this means you have problem you need to sort out.

Here is what our customer mentioned about the QuickBooks Error code (-12, 0)

I am locked out of my quick books account.  When I try to open my file a box comes up that says “This action requires Windows administrator permissions.” then when I click continue I get Error code (-12,0)
I guess my first problem is getting some tech support.

Step to Fix QuickBooks Error code (-12, 0) and why it is caused?

If you want to fix the quickbooks error code (-12,0), You need to follow steps mentioned below:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Installation

    If you have installed QuickBooks and have not completed the entire steps you may see this error on your QuickBooks or may be it can be caused because of corrupt download.

  2. Windows Registry

    You will have to check your windows registry to see if there is any issue with QuickBooks related software change.

  3. Infection

    This may have been caused because of infection, malware or a virus.

  4. Software Program

    As you know that there are many software running on your computer and one of them may have deleted QuickBooks files.

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with QuickBooks Proadvisor available 24/7 on ?


  1. What are the causes behind the occurrence of windows error code -12 0 in QuickBooks?

    There can be various causes behind the occurrence of this error like:

    ? Cluttered registry on Windows.
    ? Improper Device Uninstallation.
    ? Erroneous user feedback.
    ? Missing files that are removed from the registry unintentionally.
    ? Device malfunctioning.
    ? Wrong entries for non-existing programs.

  2. What are the indications of windows error code -12 0 in QuickBooks?

    You can check out the listed signs and symptoms to know how error affects your system:

    ? Code (-12 0) “pops up on the screen and the application window will crash.”
    ? “There is a message:” Error (-12 0): An issue has arisen in QuickBooks and it needs to close. We’re very sad because of the pressure.
    ? Windows was working slowly, responding slowly to the mouse and keyboard.
    ? Your PC occasionally freezes up.

  3. What are the things that need to be considered before troubleshooting error code -12 0 in QuickBooks?

    Two main things need to consider before troubleshooting error code -12 0 in QuickBooks are:

    ? Make sure that the user has administrative privileges inside QuickBooks to open a file or perform some operation.
    ? Check that the QuickBooks service has been terminated.

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