Where Is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks Online, Pro, 2015, 2016 or 2017

Where is the gear icon in quickbooks Online

If you are just starting out then asking this question is quite relevant. Beginners often face this issue. If you are looking for Gear icon in any version of quickbooks be it quickbooks pro or quickbooks 2016,

you can find that beside your beside your companies name in quickbooks on the top right hand side corner.

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  1. Where do I locate the gear icon?

    After login into the QuickBooks account, you will find the location of the gear icon is just at the upper right-hand corner. The exact location found in-between create (+) menu option and the Help button.  The gear icon is utilized to get a huge amount of highlights in QuickBooks company record file.

  2. For what reason does the gear icon disappear in QBO?

    To figure out this issue, firstly click on the “gear icon” which is just located at the right side via utilizing Internet explorer. As of now, internet explorer is certainly not a supported browser for QuickBooks online. This is the only reason; the gear icon disappears when you look for it.

  3. Where I found the gear icon in QuickBooks Pro 2019?

    This is one of the most advanced In-built features in the browser program that can help to load the most upgraded version of the page where you are currently working. Once the procedure is done, then you need to go to the upper right-hand corner of the record file to choose the Gear symbol.



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