Guidelines of Quickbooks & Shipstation Integration

Most business owners who are using QuickBooks software accounting program are also making use of ShipStation, a software package which provides for a solution for online multi-carrier shipping for online retailers.

The good news is that the ShipStation provides an easy and direct integration with QuickBooks online and that is for free. ShipStation QuickBooks integration helps to send all details of shipped orders from one to another at a single window, without switching between the two.

  • With a single click, Shipped Orders are imported from ShipStation in your QuickBooks Online account as Sales Receipts or Invoices.
  • Stores in ShipStation can be easily selected to transfer information to QuickBooks Online
  • Product orders can be mapped with product records in QuickBooks.
  • New Customers can be created in QuickBooks Online with the shipped order information from ShipStation
  • Even Sales Tax information and Shipment information can be transmitted into QuickBooks Online

ShipStation QuickBooks Integration Method

This article provides you a guideline to integrate ShipStation and QuickBooks

1. Step One: QuickBooks to ShipStation Integration

  • Click on the Account Settings (the wrench icon) on the ShipStation dashboard
  • Scroll down the list and click on Integrations
  • Click on Integration Partners
  • The Integration Partners box appears with the options (Mail Chimps. QuickBooks, Zapier, Webhooks)
  • Select QuickBooks
  • Click on Connect to QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks Online page appears
  • Sign in using your Intuit QuickBooks User ID and Password
  • Click on Authorize
  • ShipStation is now authorized to access your QuickBooks account
  • Now you are redirected to ShipStation

2. Step Two: Configure your account settings

  • Select a transaction type from the two options: Sales Receipt or Invoices
  • If you have opted for sending Sales Receipts, choose your Assetsand Income accounts from the drop-down list
  • Next you have to choose either the option Select specific stores from the list of the options provided or you have to choose All Stores. This option will enable your shipped orders to be transferred to QuickBooks Online.
  • Next the option How should sales tax be recorded appears
  • There are three options to choose from: You can choose either Map to a tax agency or Do not record taxes or choose a Default Tax Agency
  • This is how you configured the account settings

3. Step Three: The last step is to Process Orders

  • Click on Process Orders tab
  • Select the date range (from and to) to process ShipStation orders into QuickBooks Online Account
  • Click on Process Transaction
  • The process transactions take some time and you can see the process bar in blue color
  • Once done, click on History tab
Need Professional Help?

Your Shipped Orders will now be seen in your QuickBooks Online account as Sales Receipts or Invoices. Connect with us for any issues and call QuickBooks Technical Support Toll-free number

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