TSheets is a scheduling app that enables the companies to track the employees in time and out time. The employees can also easily clock in and out from the job site from the devices given to them.

It is possible to login to the TSheets from the mobile phone as well as a Web browser and it can be integrated with various accounting and payroll software such as QuickBooks, Gusto, Square etc. TSheets is a successful and convenient alternative to punch cards or timesheet. In this article, we will guide you how to integrate TSheets with QuickBooks.

Before beginning the integration there are a few preparations that need to be done to ensure successful integration of TSheets with QuickBooks.

In QuickBooks

  • Make sure that the full payroll preference is turned on.
  • Make sure that the week start date is the same in both QuickBooks as well as TSheets.
  • All the employees should have at least one payroll item mapped.
  • You must sign with the admin account and be able to switch on to the single user mode.
  • Log in from the same PC that you will be using to integrate QuickBooks with TSheets as the sync can happen only at the one PC.
  • Make sure that all the users whose data needs to be integrated with QuickBooks have been entered in TSheets either an Employee or a vendor.

Steps to integrate QuickBooks and TSheets

  1. First of all launch QuickBooks.
  2. Now open the company file that you want to integrate with TSheets and sign in as an admin account in the single user mode.
  3. Also, sign in to the TSheets as admin.
  4. In the TSheets on the left-hand menu go to Setup and select Add-Ons or in a few versions, it could be Feature Add-Ons and Manage add-ons thereunder.
  5. Search for QuickBooks Desktop Integration in the list and click on install.
  6. Under the select Options select whatever information that you wish to integrate and transfer to QuickBooks and then click on next. The selections could be any or all of the following:
  7. Delete all users.
  8. Import customers and jobs.
  9. Show service items.
  10. Show Billable.
  11. Show class.
  12. Import vendors as employees.
  13. On your first integration, any job or customer that you have already added to TSheets would be removed. A warning window will be displayed mentioning the same. If you wish to proceed further type delete and click on continue.
  14. Click on Advanced or manual setup and set up the web-connector.
  15. Now click on the blue web-connector link and open the downloaded file and click Ok on the security window.
  16. In the next window click on yes and then click on continue.
  17. In the TSheets Web-Connector window under the advanced/manual setup locate the password.
  18. Now go back to the web-connector window enter the said 4 digit password here and click on save password and then click on update selected.
  19. The sync will begin. After the sync is complete a congratulations window will pop-up. Follow the on-screen instructions for setting up of payroll and the integration is complete.

Thus the aforesaid are the steps for integrating QuickBooks and TSheets. If you are facing any trouble in understanding the aforesaid steps kindly reach our QuickBooks Technical team on our Toll-Free Number ?smbaccountants.com and they will guide you.

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