Gmail Settings for QuickBooks

Connecting to Gmail in QuickBooks

Have a look on the steps given below:

1. Step One: Open the Transaction

To do that go to Create (+) Menu and then choose the transaction for example: invoice

2. Step Two: Add New

Click on the Add New in field which is present at the top on left side of the transaction

3. Step Three: Connecting to the Gmail

Now from the menu which open up, click on the option saying, Connect your Gmail account

4. Step Four: Accept

When QuickBooks take your permission to access the Gmail account of yours, then click on Accept

After doing this you are free to select the Gmail contact as the supplier or customer on any of the transactions of yours.

Setting the Gmail in QuickBooks

Let’s learn how Gmail is set-up in QuickBooks:

  • If you are going to use Gmail for sending reports and forms from the QuickBooks Desktop then go to main menu and select Edit and then Preferences
  • Then choose Send Forms preference after that the tab of My Preferences. Select the option of Web Mail and then tap on Add button
  • The dialog window will pop-up, enter your complete Gmail address here and then choose Gmail from the drop-down list of Email Provider. SMTP Server Details will be automatically filled by the QuickBooks for you. Click on OK in order to save this, this will get your address too added to the list of Email IDs
  • Click on OK in order to ensure that Preferences window get closed. Your settings are ready except adding the password of your Gmail account, which will be done for the first time when QuickBooks will be used by you to email a report or form.

Problems related to Gmail in QuickBooks

You might face some issues, error messages related to technical problems while trying to send the financial reports to the accountant or invoices to the clients by using the Gmail in QuickBooks. A dialog window may appear with the error message that says, password or email is incorrect.

There are chances that password may have been typed wrongly by you or you may have missed any character from password or you may have entered the password in upper case. In case all the options are tried by you but error message is still popping-up on the screen of your computer then you should click on the button of Cancel because that is the only one option left. By doing this a warning message will appear telling you that, QuickBooks can’t send your emails.

Go back to the preferences of Send Forms in order to check the settings done by you while integrating the Gmail with the QuickBooks.

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