Understanding the .dlm.exe file

Files having the extension of .dlm file, are associated commonly with the applications of Akamai Download Manager and Adobe Download Manager. When files are getting downloaded in Download Manager and the process of downloading is going on, then the files that are saved temporarily have the file extension which is .dlm, during the process of download.

Once the file is downloaded completely from internet then .dlm extension gets replaced with the new file extension and then this new extension is assigned to file. .dlm file suffix is also used by software application named as FileMaker Pro. Data files are carried by these dlm files associated with FileMaker Pro application.

Is it true that you are experiencing issues opening a file that closes with DLM? Such files can be executed simply by specific programs. If you can’t open the .DLM file, very well maybe because of the accompanying reasons: possibly you don’t have an appropriate program to open it, or your file affiliation is tainted. For more data about this expansion, if it’s not too much trouble, read the article beneath. To fix the problem, kindly utilize an extraordinary File Association Fix Tool: firstly you have to download the tool and then open the tool to resolve the DLM Errors which are situated in the right square. 

What is a .DLM file? 

.DLM file has a place with the class of Misc Files utilized in working frameworks like Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Vista, Windows XP. DLM file is related to the Download Manager File created, has a N/A Format, and has a place with Misc Files classification. 

How to open a .DLM file? 

Execute .DLM file by double-tapping on it. If you have effectively installed the product to open it and the file affiliations are set up accurately, the DLM file will be opened. If Windows continues to ask you what program ought to be utilized to open the file, the problem is most perhaps brought about by broken file affiliations. 

Corrupted or damaged file affiliations happen because of Windows registry errors. To fix these issues, kindly follow the steps underneath. 

Fix .DLM file affiliation errors with these following steps: 

To rapidly and naturally fix the problem, if it’s not too much trouble, proceed as follows 

  • Hit the first click on the download button to download the programmed fixed device 
  • Then, you have to choose the start Scan to distinguish every possible issue 
  • The last step is to review examine results and click Fix Items

How DLM file is opened

Easiest and best way to get the DLM file opened is to click twice on the file and then default associated application will open the file. In case the file doesn’t get opened in this way then there is a possibility that the application that you are using is not appropriate and not associated with extension in order to ensure that you edit or view DLM file.

DLM files could easily be converted and opened by using:

  • Media Player Classic
  • Microsoft office
  • Lighting Controller
  • WinRAR

Issues that users face while opening the .dlm.exe file in QuickBooks

You may face various issues while trying to open the .dlm.exe file in QuickBooks one of the issue is, you downloaded the QB2018 upgrade on your system by using the Windows 10. File was saved as .exe.dlm and you are unable to open it. The question that arises here is that, how you will convert the file into .exe, so that it gets open?

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  1. What do you mean by the DLM file?

    DLM files are in .dlm extension, usually associated with Adobe Download manager & Akamai Download Manager. Whenever users start the downloading process, then these .dlm extension files get saved. After completing the downloading process through the internet, these extensions files are replaced with an actual file extension. The .dlm files include data files indexed by FileMaker pro software.

  2. How can I access and convert DLM files?

    💠 WinRAR
    💠 Lighting Controller
    💠 Microsoft Office
    💠 Media Player Classic

  3. Why am I unable to open the DLM file?

    Check the application in which you are trying to open; sometimes, it is inappropriate or incompatible with the extension. So, discover the DLM file supporting software to access, edit, or view the file without any error.

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