Safe mode ensures that Windows operating system is loaded with few of the drivers that are required. Driver’s basic version is used for loading in safe mode, such as, for video, standard VGA driver is used.

When opened in safe mode, the software gets restricted to load the drivers of the CD drives, tape backup system, printer, sound card, network etc. Favorable environment is created by it to track and resolve the software and hardware conflicts.

If you are willing to get the QuickBooks open in safe mode, then it is important that you know the admin details. If you do not have the same, then you won’t be able to get the QuickBooks opened in the safe mode. Reason behind QuickBooks working fine in safe mode is that only few drivers are opened. Drivers that are needed in running the program become active.

Opening QuickBooks in the safe mode

In order to do this, follow the steps that are mentioned below, make sure that your computer is in safe mode as soon as the Windows are starting to launch:

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. First Step: Press The F8 Key

    When the Windows starts rebooting, press the F8 key on the keyboard. By doing this, you will be able to see the advanced menu of the screen of your computer

  2. Second Step: Redirect Computer To Safe Mode

    Now from the option list, which is present with the networking tab, tap on safe mode. Select, click in order to enter. Once you do this, your computer will be redirected to safe mode

  3. Third Step: Open Company File

    ➤ Then open the company file in QuickBooks by going to QuickBooks software
    ➤ Now, move towards start menu which is present in screen and then verify the icon of QuickBooks

  4. Step Four: Press The Key Ctrl+Alt+Del

    Press the key Ctrl+Alt+Del, in case you are unable to see the icon of startup. Task manager will get opened

  5. Fifth Step: Restart System

    ➤ Get the system restarted from task manager
    ➤ After locating QuickBooks get the software opened up, in order to sign in to the company profile
    ➤ After entering the safe mode, you can start working with the program in usual manner.

Issues users Face while opening the QuickBooks in safe mode

While working on QuickBooks you may face some issues and some question might arise in your mind. Issue that commonly arises is, QuickBooks Desktop is not getting started, what could be the reason for this? So, to get the answer of all these questions you can always get in touch with the QuickBooks customer support team.

By following the steps mentioned above you will be able to learn opening the QuickBooks in safe mode. In case you are facing issues in doing so then get in touch with the QuickBooks technical support team. Proficient SMB QuickBooks application help team is capable of handling the queries and errors of the customers in the most efficient manner. With SMB QuickBooks tech support helpdesk, you should remain assured of getting the relevant answer.  Call on our contact number


  1. What do you understand with Safe mode?

    Safe mode is such a diagnostic initialization mode. That allows us to troubleshoot errors that occur in any program or window. Safe mode usually limits unwanted drivers and applications. That when you run the Safe mode of any program or operating system. It then uses less memory or processor for the graphics card. So, when you open QuickBooks in safe mode, the OS limits the graphics card, sound engine, etc. And you can run your QuickBooks quickly.

  2. What are the steps involved to open QuickBooks in safe mode?

    In the beginning, you have to reboot your system and press F8key during the reboot process. Next, look for the Advanced menu. Then hit the Safe-Mode in the Networking tab. Once you click safe-mode then you’ll be redirecting your computer to open in a safe-mode. After that, move to the taskbar and select the Start button then find QuickBooks and click the same. If you successfully run your system in safe mode then you can also open your QuickBooks in safe-mode at ease.

  3. How will I know whether or not my QuickBooks is running in enabled mode?

    Open your QuickBooks and then press the key F2. Check the registration status on the right side of your license number in the Product Details window. You are all set to go with the QuickBooks warning “Activated”.

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