How to reload your QuickBooks Old data to new computer MAC or Windows?

How to Transfer Quickbooks from an Old Computer to a New One Mac/ Windows

It is a true statement that you can’t use your old computer forever there is a life of every electronic item and the problem You face is you have too much on your computer like QuickBooks Accounting software which is required for your Business needs.

Steps you should take to transfer your old data to New Computer Mac or Windows:

  1.       Create the Backup File
  2.       Restore the Backup File
  3.       Load it to your New Computer

Here is one of our customer who wanted to transfer from old to new computer:

We purchased a new computer, and I just wanted to re-load Quickbooks to the computer, which should have been as simple as inserting my disc, and reloading my backed up company profile, but that obviously didn’t work, and had to pay for someone to load it for me.If you are unable to backup QuickBooks we can assist you.

How to move QuickBooks License to new computer?

If you are using Quickbooks and you have bought a new computer you dont have to worry as the old license will work on your new laptop or computer.You can use your existing license from your Quickbooks,Install and it will work fine.



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