How to Set up Payroll Taxes in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

QuickBooks maintains a list of all that affects the sum on a payroll check and payroll-related expenses for each company. This list is called the list of payroll products. Payroll items are available for wages, taxes, other adjustments and deductions, and the costs paid by the employer.

If your company needs regular management of tax and payroll payments, it is extremely necessary to set it up properly. It will improve process management and save you time. In this blog, you get to know how to set up payroll taxes in QuickBooks.

What is a Payroll tax in QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

A payroll tax is a kind of tax that is deducted from an employee’s wages by an employer who hands it over in their name to the government. The tax is focused on salaries, benefits, and tips owed to employees. Payroll taxes are automatically deducted from the employee’s wages and billed automatically to the employer’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Procedure to set up payroll taxes in QuickBooks Desktop 2022

Managing payroll is quite difficult and time-consuming because when you manage your payroll, there are certain details you need to keep in mind. The payroll setup helps you to save time and can manage your payroll with ease.

Follow the below-mentioned steps that are easy and relevant to set up payroll taxes in QuickBooks:

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Go To Tax Option

    Look for the tax option in the main menu

  2. Select the payroll tax center

    You need to change the payroll taxes in QuickBooks online if you are a QB Online user. Simply verify whether you choose the ‘Payroll Tax’ option or not.

    Go through all the details and be assured as well as the monthly fee. Also, verify that the QuickBooks team provides proper support.

  3. Taxes setup along with Payroll Compliance

    A list of all of the staff you have already set up will be available in front of you on the computer. Here, you need to set each employee’s birth date and hire date.

    To access all of this material, go through the employees’ filled-in I-9 or W4 form.

  4. Fill in all the relevant company-related information

    Find here all the details that you need to complete the required information by filling in:

    ? Name of Business: Enter the legal and registered name of your business and this name can be used on the tax returns fillings.

    ? Business Location: If you’ve previously used the payroll taxes in the QuickBooks tool, the address will pop up on its own. You will have to fill it out manually in the event you have a new address.

    ? Put the first payroll date down: Now you need to set the date you will be running the payroll for the first time on. Doing so can easily communicate with you and help you track and document payroll taxes in QuickBooks.

    ? Hiring date of the first employee: If you hire the first employee within 6 months then click the “Yes” button otherwise click the “No” button.

  5. Fill in all the details of the Federal Tax

    In QuickBooks, the method of setting up payroll taxes is incomplete without filling in details relating to Federal Tax –

    ? FEIN: If you have a federal tax Id, enter it immediately. If you don’t have it, pick NO and ask for the number of tax ids.

    ? Payroll tax forms: IRS lets you file tax forms for the payroll. Choose the one you are assigned to; it can either be Form 941 or Form 944.

    ? Pay Federal Tax: Here you can choose the period including weekly, quarterly, or monthly to make payments for Federal tax.

    ? Non-profit status: When you own a non-profit organization then click the Yes otherwise No button.

  6. Share State Details

    Share State Details include the account number of State Employer, State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate, Deposit schedule, and employment training tax (ETT).

  7. Set up e-file and e-pay functions

    QuickBooks offers you two options for payment and that includes e-pay and e-file. Another manual option is also available via paper coupons.

  8. At last, make tax payments

    Once you complete all the setup processes then search for Settings and select the payroll settings option.

How do get in touch?

Here it completes the entire setup procedure. Hopefully, you find the above-mentioned steps easy to understand and you can easily set up payroll taxes in QuickBooks.

Moreover, if you want to explore more information feel free to connect with QuickBooks technical support toll-free helpdesk number ? Having years of experience, the team is very efficient and capable of providing the best appropriate solutions for all your queries or issues.


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