It’s a big question that how do you come to know about the exact date or time to pay a bill or print payroll checks or follow up on overdue customer payments? To remember this you might be using a paper calendar, file folders, and sticky notes.

In that case, you may have missed out on some important deadlines. Nowadays, when you deal with your company finances, manual procedures aren’t successful enough.


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You might experience the following while running business:

  • Credit problems
  • Unhappy vendors and employees
  • Overextended customers

How QuickBooks reminders feature even better for your business

If you always miss the mark, you cannot get a true image of your financial condition and this result in your cash flow will suffer. To get rid of this QuickBooks simplify the tracking of these items for you using a to-do list in conjunction with built-in reminders feature in order to stop the needless drama.

When you press Lists in the menu, you do not see the To-Do List as an option, but when you select Company in the menu bar, you will see a To-Do List. You can then open the list, and render QuickBooks the central storage location on your monitor instead of all those sticky notes.

Even better, QuickBooks reminder features help you to remind you of all the relevant and important tasks on any date or time you choose. It means that there is no chance to forget to make any crucial follow-up phone call about an overdue customer payment or miss your seller’s call to ask for better payment conditions on your account.

Steps to Set Up Reminders in QuickBooks Enterprise

This reminder feature is totally customizable and can help you to prevent countless problems related to your finances. QuickBooks lets you specify each type in multiple ways when you want to receive reminders of upcoming activities and more.

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Select the Preferences

    Initially, go to the Edit menu and then select Preferences

  2. Select Reminders

    Next, select Reminders that you find in the left vertical pane. Now you can see a highlighted tab named “My Preference”

  3. Checkmark The Box

    Then checkmark the box named “Show Reminders List When Opening a Company file”

  4. Select & Click on Company Preferences

    After that, select and click on the Company Preferences tab in order to open this window.

QuickBooks helps you to create reminders in a wide range of activities. You can specify whether a summary or a specific operation a list appears in the Reminders window. To those that are time-sensitive, such as Checks to print, you can also decide how much notice you will get about how many days in advance each item will appear in the Reminders list.

Using Reminders

The Reminders window in QuickBooks shows the things you need to do today and in the near future. To extend or collapse the list, you can select the arrows that are present in the left of each boldfaced category.

If you stated in My Preferences that you plan to open the Reminders window any time you open your QuickBooks company file, it will appear on top of your desktop.

If you have not, or need to see it after you have closed it, open the Company menu and select Reminders. There should be a link in the toolbar, too. The Reminders tool is like every other collaborative application list.

The setting up of your Reminders window is not complicated mechanics. What can be a challenge is to watch the cash flow when all these transactions take place.

Need Professional Help?

Hopefully, you find this blog as more effective in terms of sorting your query. In case, you are struggling with that and are not able to set up reminders in QuickBooks Enterprise then it is suggested you connect with QuickBooks technical support at SMBAccountants. The technical team has good years of experience and is capable of resolving any issues or errors related QuickBooks. They are available all round the clock to assist you and provide you the best appropriate solutions for your queries and problems. You can get in touch via a live chat with professionals.


Get Experts Advice to Fix Your All Accounting & Bookkeeping Problems

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