How to Show Payments on statements in Quickbooks

Customer statement could be customized in order to show the line item detail and memo in every invoice.

Let’s have a look how:

Total Time: 10 minutes

Step One

First of all, go to icon of Gear

Step Two

Then tap on Account and Settings

Step Three

Select the tab of Sales

Fourth Step

After that tap on the Statements

Fifth Step

Then select, List every transaction including all the detail lines

Sixth Step

After that tap on Save

Seventh Step

In the last click on Done.

In order to show the amount received as well as the total amount for a specific period, run the report of customer transaction statement. You will be able to see all the activities of the dates you selected.

1. Running The Transaction Statement

  • Go to the tab of Customers
  • Tap on the name of the customer
  • After that click on New Transaction
  • Then select the Statement
  • Tap on the drop-down resent under the Statement Type, after that choose the Transaction Statement
  • Then select the End and Start Date, the correct one
  • After that click on Apply

2. Creating and Managing Statements

Statement helps in showing the customer account’s status of a particular time. Payments, credits and sales transactions are represented by every line item.

Though it does not provide the detailed information, but a statement could be created based upon what you are willing to share with the customer.

3. Discussing the types of the Statements

  • Balance Forward: It shows the activities held between all the Start as well as End dated. Total balance forward will be shown at top.
  • Open Item: It shown all the invoices that are open of a specific previous date.
  • Transaction Statement: It shows the transaction amount and also the amount which is received on per transaction, without showing total balance.

4. Creating Statements for the Single Customer

  • Sign in to company file of QuickBooks Online
  • Now from left menu, select the Sales and after that Customers
  • Then select the customer, which you are willing to create the statement for
  • Now from the drop-down column of Action, select Create Statement
  • Then choose statement type, which you want to get created
  • After that if required, set End Date, Start Date and Statement Date
  • Then to view the statement select Apply
  • Then select Save

5. Creating Statement for the Multiple Customers

  • Select the icon which says Plus (+) from the top and then select Statement
  • Choose the Statement and then get the criteria set for additional statement if necessary
  • Select Apply
  • Then in order to know the instructions and tips review screen
  • You can select Save and Close or Save

6. Creating Statements for the sub-customers

Separate statement could be created for the sub-customers if the Bill with parent is not set.

  • Go to left menu and select Sales and then Customers
  • Then choose sub-customer which you are willing to edit and after that choose Edit
  • Now set Bill this customer in drop-down and then choose Save
  • Now, you can get the statements created for multiple or single customers
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