How to Unvoid an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Remember that you just can’t unvoid an invoice fact visit originating entries and then mark them again as Billable
  • Go to the Report menu after that to Account and Taxes then to Audit Trail in order to get the details so that you can have a reference from the Void invoice. Get the original entries back and then do not forget to get the status set again.

How to Retrieve Voided Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

Transactions that are turned void don’t get deleted from the books and stayed there, you can always refer to them whenever the need of auditing arises. Transactions that are invoices can easily be turned void.

In case you want to make the voided transaction added to the register then ensure that you are able to find the voided transaction that is original. Then after selecting it to get the transaction is re-entered in the register. Before re-entering any transaction you should locate it in the transaction history first.

Summary of Deleted and Voided Transactions

1. Step First

Start QuickBooks and then tap on File and after that on Open Company. Now go to the menu of dropdown. Choose the company file that has the voided transaction. After that click on Open.

2. Step Second

Tap on Reports and then on Accountant and Taxes and then on Voided and Deleted Transaction Summary.

3. Step Third

Tap on the column of Action in order to get the transactions sorted by Action. After that carefully check the item list that is voided in order to find out the voided transaction

Search Option

  • Step 1: Go to the menu of drop-down and click on Search
  • Step 2: Then add the information in the Search field, that you have related to the transaction that is voided. You can easily search the transaction number, item, vendor, customer, or any other record
  • Step 3: Click on Enter and then from the result’s list choose the voided transaction

Common Issues and Questions users face

The invoice was voided accidentally, can I be able to undo it?
A payroll check was created accidentally in the wrong company of QuickBooks. The check is voided by you. Now you would want to know how the void will be deleted so that it is not reflected anywhere else in that particular company.

If the invoice becomes void of the prior year once it gets closed, what happens in that case? Can that be corrected in any way?

Infographic to Unvoid an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop

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  1. Is there any way to unvoid an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

    No, currently, there is no such option available in QuickBooks. Once an invoice has been deleted or voided, it can only be retracted/recorded back by recreating it.

  2. How Deleting an invoice is Different from voiding an invoice?

    The open invoices may be removed immediately unless a later date is needed. By deleting the invoice, consumers would be permanently removing it from their company register. On the other hand, voiding an invoice cancels a given payment or invoice. Voiding an invoice will maintain the number of invoices and list them in reports but will reduce the amounts to zero.

  3. How can I void an invoice from the list of invoices?

    Very first, go to the Sales tab and then select invoices. Once you find the invoices that you wish to void. After that, using the drop-down menu, select the Void option from the Action column.



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