How to View Deposits in QuickBooks

Find the payments and fix the ones that are missing from the Bank Deposit Window

In case you notice a sales receipt or payment is missing from the screen of Bank Deposit, then the reason behind it may be the direct deposited payment to bank account or added mistakenly to the wrong deposit.
In order to get this issue resolved, you should look for the missing sales receipt or payment and check whether it was deposited directly to the bank account or was it added to the wrong deposit.
To find the missing payments and fix it on the window of Bank Deposit

  1. Go to left menu and select Sales after that select All Sales
  2. Then search and tap on sales receipt or payment, which you are willing to deposit
  3. Now on the window of Sales receipt or Receive Payment, check whether Undeposited Funds is selected or not from the drop-down of Deposit to
  4. If the selection of bank account is done from the drop-down of Deposit to then:
  • From the drop-down select the Undeposited Funds
  • Choose Save and Close
  1. If the account of Undeposited Funds is selected from the drop-down menu of Deposit to then:
  • To get the deposit entry opened up, select the date of deposit present under customer name
  • In order to get the sales receipt or payment removed from deposit, uncheck them
  • After that tap on Save and close
  1. You will now be able to see the sales receipt or payment on the window of Bank Deposit

Undo the Deposit in QuickBooks
You can easily remove the deposits in the QuickBooks by using the window of Make Deposits. When the deposits are removed the payment also gets removed if Undeposited Fund account is used by you. In case you have a plan to get the funds deposited later, then make sure that original payment is recreated.
In case Undeposited Funds account is not used by you and you are willing to make the deposit after some time, then you are allowed to leave original payment as it is for deposit intact. In other case, you have to ensure that payment is deleted manually.

  • Tap on the icon of Record Deposits present on the homepage of QuickBooks and then tap on the menu of Banking and from there choose Make Deposits
  • Tap on Cancel, in case you find that the window of Payments to Deposit opens up
  • Tap on Previous in order to check the transactions, till the time you are able to see the payment or deposit from the deposit that you are willing to remove
  • Tap on the menu of Edit and then choose Delete Deposit in order to get the payment or deposited removed from deposit

Depositing the Payment
If the batch total is verified by you or you are not having the QuickBooks Payments account, then follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the Banking menu of QuickBooks and then tap on Make Deposits/Record Deposits
  • On Payments to the Deposit window which appears, choose payments which you are willing to deposit, after that click on OK
  • Now in the window of Make Deposits, tap on the drop down of Deposit To and after that select the respective bank account, where you want the payment to be deposited
  • Get the date entered
  • (Optional Step) Enter the memo
  • Get the additional payment, if any, added to the deposit. make sure that amount of deposit should be the sum of the payments, all of them, that were deposited by you
  • Then tap on Save and Close

To know more about Deposits, you can call the QuickBooks helpline anytime.
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