How13974: Intuit support KB article, Why we use it for?


How13974 is an .NET Framework error which appears in the QuickBooks which can be resolved by using the Quickbooks diagnostic tool where all the components should be working up to the mark to get the QuickBooks working without (How13974) such error.
There are different versions of the .NET Framework which are compatible with different versions of quickbooks online or desktop. These tools help the QuickBooks to get the write extensions of the programming languages like c++ also where the clean install tool is used where a new fresh install of quickbooks take the version of the software which is compatible with QuickBooks and then works on this kind of frame work newly.
Diagnostic tool gives the advantage to get the part of the frame work which is not running or where how13974 error is taking place so that if possible only the area where error is occurred can be tried to fix without the fresh new reinstallation of the QuickBooks.
To install these kind of tools QuickBooks recommends the auto download through the error how13974 message or can be downloaded manually as well.
There is another tool used to fix such error like How13974 and that is by a file repair tool which gets to the corrupted file and helps fixing the issue by diagnosing the problem which then helps the Quickbooks to work in a sequence of no interruption while the work is getting done.
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