Icwrapper.dll failed to register quickbooks 2016. How to fix it?

Icwrapper.dll failed to register in QuickBooks

icwrapper.dll stops or fails to register when a file is not working properly or corrupted.After a upgrade f the system if QuickBooks is installed again this kind of error might take place for example if the system reboot is not done or windows vista is upgraded this might happen.
Solution:Always click ignore  when the corruption message appears and once the QuickBooks is exit do not open it again and again just restart the computer and run the diagnostic tool for QuickBooks or reinstall QuickBooks tool.
If it still not working we will have to register new user to QuickBooks and then start using it newly then it would work. If a antivirus software like bit defender is installed stopping the services will not help but the upgraded version of the software which is 64 bit could help in ignoring errors like icwrapper.dll.

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