Import Transactions Into Quickbooks Online, Pro, Desktop or Enterprise

Follow the steps to import transactions into quickbooks online, pro, desktop or enterprise:

Total Time: 11 minutes

  1. Step One

    Login to your quickbooks accounts and then click Transactions and then navigate to  banking tab in the menu bar.

  2. Step Two

    Click on the arrow button and then click upload my file. This will make upload file window appear.

  3. Step Three

    Now click on the browse button and navigate to the path where the file is kept. Now click next.

  4. Step Four

    Now choose the account where you want to import the transactions and then click next.

  5. Step Five

    At this point Quickbooks online will display you the total number of transactions that will be imported into quickbooks. Now click yes to import your transaction.

  6. Step Six

    Click Finish when it’s done.

Need Professional Help?

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