Install And Use ODBC Driver in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks ODBC driver stands for Open database connectivity and is generally used as a communication interface. It enables the users to access and transport the data of your company file to other applications. It also allows the user to create tables, excel, reports in Microsoft Excel, Crystal reports, etc.

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How to Install ODBC Driver in Quickbooks Desktop

There is 17 step processor to Install ODBC Driver, which is mentioned below. Please follow each step precisely;

Total Time: 15 minutes

  1. Step One

    Firstly open your QuickBooks software and go to the File menu.

  2. Step Two

    Then select the utility tab and click on the Setup ODBC option.

  3. Step Three

    After that tap on the General tab.

  4. Fourth Step

    Here you need to choose the option named “Use Company file which is recently opened in QuickBooks”.

    Note: For checking and running the Test connection ensure that you have signed in as the Admin of your company file.

  5. Fifth Step

    Now type in the data of Quickbooks under the data source name field.

  6. Sixth Step

    Then you need to tap on the button named “Test Connection to QuickBooks”.

  7. Seventh Step

    After that tap on the OK button only when you see the “Test Connection to QuickBooks Successful” message on your screen.

  8. Step Eight

    Next click on the Apply button.

  9. Step Nine

    Now tap on the Messages tab.

  10. Step Ten

    Examine if the detailed tracing checkbox is selected or not if yes then disable it.

  11. Eleventh Step

    Similarly, you need to inspect all the “Display Optimizer Status Panel” check boxes and if they are found disabled then select them.

  12. Twelfth Step

    Now choose the “Display Driver Status Panel” option and see detailed information on the working of QuickBooks ODBC.

  13. Step Thirteen

    After that tap on the apply button.

  14. Step Fourteen

    Now go to the optimizer tab and enable the use optimizer box by simply selecting it.

  15. Step Fifteen

    Then use the default file path of the Default Optimizer.

  16. Step Sixteen

    Next tap on the apply button after selecting the start button for each query. The optimization time depends on the complexity of the file.

  17. Step Seventeen

    At last tap on the OK button to get out of the ODBC driver setup window.

Issues Faced By User While Installing The ODBC Driver

  • The user generally faces the issue of the application not responding everything hangs up and the data is not being fetched from QuickBooks.
  • The test connection button is greyed out or is disabled.
  • QuickBooks connection failed because of security issues with windows.
  • Unable to get data from QuickBooks database ODBC driver.

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  1. How can I set up and use the installed QuickBooks ODBC driver?

    The first thing you have to do to use the company files that are now open in your QuickBooks. Then, go to the Data source name and enter all required QuickBooks data. After this, run the test connection to QuickBooks. Once you see the test connection results to QuickBooks successful, then hit click on the OK and Apply button.

  2. How do I install QuickBooks ODBC drivers?

    Firstly, press the Windows + R simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. Then, you have to write odbcad32 and hit the click on the Ok. From the ODBC data source administrator dialog box, you have to choose the system DSN or you can use the DSN tab. Click on the Add button and then find the necessary driver in the list and hit the click on the Finish button.

  3. How would I check if an ODBC driver is installed once the QuickBooks ODBC installation process is completed?

    To check and ensure, open the administrative tools and then hit the double-click on the Data Sources. Now, hit click on the Drivers tab and the data for the Microsoft SQL server entry has appeared in the version column.



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