How to Convert Intacct Accounting To Quickbooks?

Get the services to convert the Intacct data in the QuickBooks data file

Intacct is the solution for account management in the business but the QuickBooks provides more features to the users than Intacct. Many users want to shift to QuickBooks. Before shifting your Intacct data to QuickBooks, you have to clean up all the unrelated files from QuickBooks software.

If you are also an Intacct user and want to make QuickBooks your new account management system, you will get many benefits. You do not have to worry about the data and information you are using in the Intacct. All the information stored in the data file can be converted into a new data file that can be used in QuickBooks.

The data conversion is a very good process by which you can use your current Intacct data in the new QuickBooks tools. QuickBooks is available in many versions like pro, premier, online, and enterprise. You can convert the files of Intacct into any version you want.

Why is Journal Entry Not Showing in Sales in QuickBooks?

So it is a very good option for the people who want to choose QuickBooks instead of Intacct. You can also use the conversion services if you want to share the file on the QuickBooks system.

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Easily convert any file and get the complete data:

You can use the conversion services to convert any data file of the Intacct into QuickBooks. You will get the complete data and information in the new file. they convert the data of the lists and transactions.

1. Lists:

The lists are used to store all the information of the business like clients, customers, vendors, products, and employees. You will need the lists in the QuickBooks software so you will get the complete information of the lists in new converted file. You do not need to make new lists.

2. Transactions:

The transactions are used in every business and if you want to shift from Intacct to QuickBooks, you will get the complete information of the transactions in a new file. The transaction data contains the information of the invoices, sales receipts, bills, purchase receipts, and other account details. If you need any professional service for data Migration in QuickBooks we can help you.

Switch from Intacct to QuickBooks With Us

It can be difficult to convert your accounting system to Intacct. If you have been in business for a while, you may have several gigabytes of data, and Intacct may not be a perfect match for QuickBooks. Fourlane will assign you a dedicated conversion specialist who will assess your unique situation, determine your QuickBooks products, and work with you to develop a phased conversion strategy. Additionally, we have full-time programmers who can export, clean, and import your historical data on your behalf. Your team will be fully trained on the new system after the conversion, and we will assist you in setting up efficient processes to make the most of it.

Phase 1. Determine Products Needed

Our QuickBooks Conversion Experts spend time getting to know your business, along with your current accounting system. We’ll determine which QuickBooks products you will need and what your team needs from an accounting system. This may include QuickBooks Enterprise, Payroll, Point-of-Sale System, or Field Service Management.

Phase 2. Go Live & Train Your Team

The importance of training your team to use the new software cannot be overstated. We’ll conduct a training to make sure your team understands how to use the new system. In order to make sure all QuickBooks users succeed, even if they aren’t our clients, we offer more than 200 training videos on our website.

Phase 3. Close and Review The Books

To run your business, we need to determine if you need any additional data or monthly reports. The best way to make sure we’ve imported everything you need is to do a thorough double-check since we don’t always realize which information is important until we no longer have access. We’ll pull over any additional files from your old system to QuickBooks if there are any that need to be moved.

Phase 4. Template File Setup

Our goal is to create workflows that make QuickBooks fit your business like a glove, and enable us to integrate all of the data from your current accounting system seamlessly. You may need to do double entry in both your old and new QuickBooks files during this short period. In addition to pulling data, you also convert any data that needs to be converted into QuickBooks, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, P&L, and balance sheets.

Phase 5: Follow Up & Maintenance

Let’s check in after a few months to see how things are going. If you’re having problems, we’ll try to nip them in the bud. If there are any features or data left behind in your legacy system, we’ll retrieve them. Our goal is to ensure you are getting the most out of your accounting software, so we also recommend monthly and quarterly closing services to help you stay on track.

All this data is converted into a new file which will be used in QuickBooks. The inactive user information and damaged data are removed from the file so you will get the fresh file for QuickBooks. It will also increase the speed and performance of the file. You can get the conversion services online. You will just upload the Intacct file and they will give you a link to download the QuickBooks file after conversion

Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with SMB QuickBooks Technical Support Team, Which is available 24/7 on

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  1. What benefits do I get after converting Intact Accounting to QuickBooks?

    Many benefits help to make things easy and simple to track all business accountancy programs. After this conversion, you can easily create a consistent chart of accounts, and enable decision-making with real-time dashboards, automatic billing = and the revenue recognition process.  You can also consolidate hundreds of entities in just a few minutes.

  2. How can I convert Intact Accounting to QuickBooks manually?

    You can do this conversion easily by performing the migration steps. But first, make sure you import all data or create a backup file if anything goes you can go to the beginning point.

  3. How can I import the data while converting Intacct Accounting to QuickBooks?

    Firstly, the user needs to login into Intacct and then choose the QuickBooks migration options under the company tab. Then, You have to install the data access tool which will lead to enabling Intacct to pull the data straightforwardly from the QuickBooks platform. Once it’s done, open the company file in the file. Then, you have to choose the Upload Data option in the Intacct migration wizard.

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