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Integrate QuickBooks with Magento

When all the businesses are moving online it becomes a mandatory for all small and medium scale businesses to have an online store where customers can make a purchase. Magento is one of the best ecommerce solution available for not QuickBooks users but for all businesses.

Now when you have decided on Magento for your online store question is how you can integrate quickbooks seamlessly and to be honest it is an easy process which is like few steps and you are ready with your online store which will give you access to your inventory, sales and employees performance.

Why Magento for QuickBooks?

Accurate Accountancy With this integration you will be able to have accurate books. You can track almost everything in one platform and you can track purchase, Order and delivery. That is again a beauty of doing business online.

You can create new products and you can avoid duplicate and you can create new customer with different treatment to each one of them on the basis of taxes, Loyalty and status.

When you running businesses online it is mandatory for you to run promotions, touch base with dormant customers as when customers are buying online they are well informed and can compare your services with other. Magento gives you that facility which helps you build a customer base which will have higher life time value.

We can help with all kind of integrations from Ecommerce to Interation of QuickBooks to salesforce. Youcan either give us a call on our Toll free or chat with us.

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  1. What benefits do I get while integrating QuickBooks with Magento?

    It will permit you to associate with QuickBooks online sandbox and QuickBooks online production account. You can track all customers on an automated process with address synchronization. With many benefits, you can also do automated catalog synchronization including inventory and product images.

  2. How do I manually integrate QuickBooks with Magento?

    To integrate QuickBooks with Magento, you have to match the transactions in Magento. Customers can easily create accurate changes to QuickBooks accounts easily. This will lead to enabling or disable syncing for customers, products, invoices, orders, and credit memos. You can select the automatic syncing file real-time transferring data between the two platforms.

  3. Why do QuickBooks users need to integrate QuickBooks with Magento?

    It is required when the user wants to synchronize the information between the QuickBooks online account and Magento automatically. It includes customers, sales, products, and invoice data. With this integration, you can better manage to account and track the data effectively.