Intuit QuickBooks buys Bankstream

Intuit QuickBooks buys Bankstream

Quickbooks acquisition Of Bankstream will help Intuit user to provide connection between accountants using the accounting software and their client’s data.
How this acquisition of Bankstream will help the Quickbooks users and Accountant:

  1. Direct Bank feeds: Now with this integration customers will get direct bank feeds in to their accounting software.
  2. Reliable: With this system in place it is going to be much reliable connection and with a proper connection accounting will work seamlessly.
  3. Saving time: Customers are going to save lot of time doing accounting.
  4. Automatic Updates: You will be notified automatically updated on all the new things.
  5. No Cost involved: Quickbooks users to use this service don’t have to pay it is available for free.

“Bankstream’s strong relationships with financial institutions will help our small business and accountant customers save time when accessing bank information and improve how they manage their finances with QuickBooks,” said Dominic Allon, Vice President and Managing Director, Intuit Europe. “This gives QuickBooks users the most complete picture of their financial information so they can make informed decisions about their business.”
“Intuit recognised the value of Bankstream’s relationships that will give customers an even better experience in having direct, secure and consistent access to their bank data,” said Frank Woods, Bankstream General Manager for UK and Ireland, who is joining Intuit’s UK organisation.
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