Intuit QuickBooks Subscriber on the Rise

QuickBooks Online Subscriber Rose to 41% to 1.6 million

Intuit worldwide leader in accounting software with products like QuickBooks online, TurboTax and other software has seen a considerable amount of growth in their profits lately resulting in good amount if earning for its shareholders.

QuickBooks Subscriber 1
QuickBooks Subscriber 1

Intuit has seen a growth of 9.1% increase in their earnings for the first Quarter and considering Intuit makes less revenue during the non-tax season the losses have come down for this ear with many new additions coming in.
As per the analyst report by Thomas Reuters forecast revenue will be $997.8 Million this has been taken by the markets positively giving a boost to Intuit Shares which has seen a significant increase of 17.8% over the past 12 months.
Quarter ending October 31 Intuit posted a loss of $30 million compared to last year $31 million. Existing Quarter earnings for QuickBooks will be around $1.05 Billion to $1.07 Billion.
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