Invoice Batch Sequence: How to use it in quickbooks desktop 2017

Invoice Batch Sequence

Invoice Batch Sequence error in QuickBooks
The batch sequence error or Batch SEQ is encountered when there is a issue in process of credit a credit card. Such errors occur when the banking information at the time of transactions or payments are facing issues with the card details or credit. In such cases the applications stops working when the accounting error like batch sequence happens.
There might be a problem with the credit card batch or the POS is not of the latest release .Sometimes when the credit cards are processed more than one time using the same account number also this kind of batch sequence error might happen and even if the batch was for the client workstation but not the server.

Invoice Batch Sequence Solution:

  • Always update the program with the latest release of version.
  • Use multiple account numbers for multiple locations.
  • Check if all the payment transactions are complete.
  • Keep the track of Invoices and the batch sequence.
  • Always keep the invoice batch sequence in QuickBooks.

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