Prepare Job Costing in QuickBooks

Job Costing in Quickbooks Online

In QuickBooks job cost it refers to what is the profit or loss with the job. This means if a job is registered separately QuickBooks can get to know ether the job cost was in profit or loss.

Job cost is the amount that was given for a job or a process so that in the future QuickBooks can calculate the total job cost which will help in business perspective by keeping the jobs that are profitable and working on those which are not.

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QuickBooks always calculate the cost of the job to verify and keep the complete account details in order to stay secure with the job cost. This helps QuickBooks to keep the record of all the jobs being offered or taken with all the job costs saved separately for each one.

What is QuickBooks Online Job Costing?

Job costing involves monitoring revenue and expenditures on a per-project basis and then evaluating the real costs against the initially estimated costs. While QuickBooks Online isn’t explicitly tailored for job costing, it provides functionality that can be effectively harnessed for this precise task.

Why is it Important?

The utilization of QuickBooks Online for job costing plays a crucial role in monitoring the precise expenses associated with labor, materials, and overhead for individual projects. This practice aids in gaining insights into potential cost reductions for future projects, making it an indispensable tool for businesses.

How to Prepare Job Costing in QuickBooks?

Before you start tracking costs, you may need to have a subscription to QuickBooks Online because the budget feature is not available on Essential and Business levels.

You first need to turn on these preferences in Company Settings.

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    Here, select the Company Name and then click on Gear Icon which is at the top right corner of QuickBooks Online, now, select company settings.

  2. Step Two

    Now, go to the Sales tab, select Sales from the menu, and then click on the box next to the custom transaction. You need to have this for invoicing of progress and to receive purchase orders (partial):

  3. Step Three

    The next thing you need to do is notify QuickBooks that you need to track expenses by customer (if it is necessary, notify that you need to make changes in items billable and expenses).

  4. Step Four

    To perform the task, select the Expense tab on the screen, and click on edit check bills and expenditures.

  5. Step Five

    Now, click on Show Items on purchase and expense forms, and then track your expenses with the name customer, to make items billable and expenses.

  6. Step Six

    Now, click on Save Button.

  7. Step Seven

    In the last part of the set-up, you need to do Estimates.

    Go to the settings screen and click on the advanced tab.

  8. Step Eight

    In the menu, click on automation.

  9. Step Nine

    Here, you need to make sure that the Copy estimates to invoices are checked

  10. Step Ten

    Now, select the Save button and then click on the done button which is at the bottom of the screen.

Alternate Step-by-Step Guide to Job Costing QuickBooks Online

  • Track Expenses by Customer: In the Company Settings, you can adjust your expense tracking preferences.
  • Update Settings on Your Customer List: Use sub-customers to adjust your customer list settings.
  • Adjust Settings on Products & Services: For job costing, set up products and services.
  • Submit Estimates and Invoices: The first step is to prepare an Estimate, have your customer approve it, and then convert it into an Invoice.

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