Why You Need to Move Sage 50 To New Computer & How to Perform It?

An upgraded version of Sage 50 is equipped with various new features like Mobile Invoicing, Remote Access, Cloud Backup and Web Based E-mail Support. There are various other new tools and features that provide Sage 50 an edge over other accounting software present in the market.

Reasons of Moving Your Sage 50 to New Computer

  • Simply purchased a new computer and moving data to new computer.
  • Update/Upgrade version of Sage 50 is not supporting current/older version.
  • Windows in Current Computer is corrupt and want to install new windows.

There can be various other reasons behind moving Sage 50/data files to new computer. These reasons can be very technical and functional reasons.

Steps You Need to Perform Before Move Sage 50 To New Computer

Prepare: Before you move Sage 50 to new computer system, you need to check following system.

1. Step One: Check that your software meets new system’s requirements for Sage 50.

  • RAM 2 GB or for 64-bit operating system – 4 GB.
  • Processor 2GHz or higher.
  • Disk Space minimum 5GB.
  • 100mbps minimum or 1Gbps network.
  • Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 and 1920 x 1080 (for hi resolution or 4K monitors)
  • Go to menu Bar, click on Help –> select About and then take the note of the following information

2. Step Two: You Need to Have All Information on License

  • Take note of Serial Number, Activation Key and your Account Number (If you are on subscription).
  • Keep Check on Data Location – If you have more than One company on Sage 50. You need to repeat for all company file.
    • If you have data stored in C:\ Drive or some other local drive in your system, take backup of all your company files.
    • If data is stored in your network, get permission to your data folder. You may need to contact your IT support team for permission.
  • To access your data through Sage Drive, make handy your Sage ID, e-mail & password and the encryption password that you have entered for the first time.
  • Log-in to your new system as an administrator.

3. Step Three: Take Backup on Your Current/Older System

  • You need to ensure that you have successfully taken backup, Check Your Data to make sure that there is no error.
  • You have check this for all company files to check that there is no error. It is recommended that you take backup on any external drive like shared drive or memory stick, so that you can transfer all the data very easily without error.
  • Once you run Check Date, you will get information if there is any error in the company file or not. If there is any error, report the error for resolution before installing new software.

How to Transfer Sage 50 to New Computer

There are few certain steps to transfer sage 50 to New Computer, Which are mentioned below:

You need to Install sage 50 to new computer, If you find any difficulty in installing sage 50. You can refer to this page.

Transferring Your Data File

💠 Go to File >> Properties in Sage 50
💠 Please Note Down The Company File Name & Location

To find company file, Follow Mentioned Below Steps:

Total Time: 12 minutes

  1. Step One

    I can open the file in sage 50 but I need to find the location

    💠 Select File >>properties to display the file name and location
    💠 Click on Hyperlink
    💠 You can see the direct file location in a Windows Explorer window

  2. Step Two

    I can’t find the location

    💠 In the company open window, select the inverted triangle in the filename box
    💠 Below the file name, you can see the locations from where the file was earlier accessed.
    💠 Select the file and click on open.

  3. Step Three

    Using the command prompt

    💠 Press Window key +R together to open Run window
    💠 Type in cmd and press ok
    💠 Enter dir/s/p C:\*.sai, then press enter key.
    🔹 — Copy the .saj folder and .sai file to an external media device.
    🔹 — Copy paste the .saj folder & .sai file to on to a new computer
    🔹 — Open sage 50 to the welcome screen
    🔹 — Choose select an existing company and open your company file.

Need Professional Help?

Get in touch with our Sage 50 Technical Support Phone Number Team through various connectivity channels, Live Chat Support is there on our website. Get in touch with our Support team through Toll-Free Number Chat now to get instant solution. Our team will help you move Sage 50 To New Computer in no time.

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