Convert the files of MYOB to QuickBooks easily

If you are using the MYOB software for the management of your accounting data and want to migrate to the new accounting software called as QuickBooks, you can get your data back in new system.

The data files of the MYOB can’t be used in the QuickBooks directly. You have to change it to the new file which can be supported by QuickBooks. You will need the help to convert the file from the MYOB to QuickBooks.

To use the old accounting data file, you have to transfer the MYOB card file to the QuickBooks. You also have to transfer the tax codes and lists of employees, suppliers, customers and items to the QuickBooks. Then you will create the opening balances and inventory balances in QuickBooks.

You will also transfer all the transactions of the account. Then you will validate the data transfer and will setup the QuickBooks.

You can migrate to the new accounting software by using this process. You will need the software of QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Zed Axis and MYOB for the conversion process. You should try to convert a small sample file to know about chances of failure or any error. The error also can occur because of any damaged or corrupted file.

In that case the system will try to repair the file or will delete the file. You will get the optimized file for the good performance.

You will get the following important data in fresh file:

1. Lists

The lists can have all information of the employees, customers, clients and the products. These are very important data and you do not want to lose the data. You will get the complete active data info in new file.

2. Transactions

The transactions contain the details of deposits, payments, invoices, bills and other money exchange details. You can use all the transaction data in QuickBooks after conversion.

You can also get the help of online services to convert. That will be simple for the users. You just have to upload the MYOB file and they will do the rest. Then you can easily download the converted file. The converted file will be optimized according to your version of QuickBooks because the Mac and Windows do not support the same format.

Need Professional Help?

If you get stuck anywhere in the process, feel free to get in touch with SMB QuickBooks Technical Support Team, Which is available 24/7 on

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