Sage 50 2019

Sage 50 is a set of accounting solutions software that enables small and mid-sized business companies to manage their accounting tasks. It is also compatible for cloud and allows Office 365 integration, which enhances a better data access and collaboration with teams across any places.

To make your business enterprises even more exciting and easy Sage has released an updated and improved “The Sage 50 2019.” This new release delivers enhanced and improved features, and Sage 50 integration with Sage CRM.

Check out Sage 50 2019 Release New Features & New Update

The features in this update will be affected on Sage 50 perpetual license as well as the Sage 50 users.

1. Extended Sales Order Dropdown Menu

The drop-down menu of the Sales Order has been enlarged in order to match with the existing Invoice Number field size. This allows a better view of the menu.

2. Totals in Quotes and Purchases List

The new release also presents improved Quotes and Purchases list. The dollar totals view is featured in the Quotes and Purchases List views.

3. .NET Framework 4.7.1 Updates

Sage 50 has now taken over the.NET Framework 4.7.1, installed on most of the existing operating systems with Windows updates. The .NET Framework 4.7.1 will be installed at the time of installation.

Check out the advantages:

  • Enhancement of reliability and better performance
  • Security settings improvements
  • Easily adapt to the latest TLS security procedure standards
  • User Security Updates

Sage 50 give several alternatives to maintain better data security that discourages fraudulent activities by unofficial users. Sage 50 has also updated the security settings the installer was rationalized to reduce the User Account Control message from occurring. The user has to be granted permission by an Administrator to perform necessary tasks.

4. Sage Payroll Sync

This update release also offers updates on the newest Azure security standards, with superior large sync processes reliability.

5. Microsoft Office 365 Integration Maintenance

You receive better performance in this update and are most reliable to perform business tasks.

6. Sage Cloud Maintenance

This update includes improvements in reliability and performance.

Sage has aligned with PayPal with an aim to offer you with the Invoice Payments and latest feature in Sage 50. With PayPal give your customer the most convenient, easy, and secure way to invoice payments. Send invoices to your customers through email with Pay Now button attached. This allows your customers to pay you directly with credit or debit card. All payments processes are secured and are directly deposited directly into your account.

7. Sage 50 CRM Integration

The Sage CRM is a communiqué system that every company finds it essential in order to make their business processes between branches more efficient and provide their staff dealing with customers with precise financial info.

Sage 50 CRM features include

  • Shows Year-to-Date Sales comparison between the last and current sales.
  • Shows when the last Invoice was dated
  • Presents Order listing and Invoice record
  • Also presents line item details

Apart from all the above-listed features, the integration also enables you to create a connection with multiple companies to a single Sage CRM record.

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