Quickbooks for Mac Multiple Users

If you have many computers sung the same QuickBooks and they all want to access the file simultaneously then you have to set it up properly.

Multi-user in MAC is a warm-welcomed addition in the software for small business users, who, in their previous days, had to rock and roll on chairs while making accounting entries.

That used to result loss of productivity by employees for hours.  The multi-user has made accounting similar in such a way that up to 5 users can work simultaneously on QuickBooks on a network.

Moreover, the user can work on any accounting activity which can be statistically defined with the new permission feature of the software. In addition to this, instant messages are supported by user through iChat.

To run QuickBooks for MAC with Multi-User Compatibility, you need to have QuickBooks Server application along with multiple licenses of QuickBooks. Multi-user mode will be accessed with the help of this application to handle local backup of QuickBooks Database.

We also recommend you to take backup of QuickBooks locally and then do the backup. You do not need to have QuickBooks Server App to run on the server, it can be run from any MAC device that has QuickBooks installed and then access data files of the QuickBooks.

You are required to open this app often. Once this app is running, the user can’t change the preferences or even run reports.

To Fix Multi-User Issue in QuickBooks for MAC

  • Check that QuickBooks is running and all the company files are shared.
  • Check Firewall Setting of MAC OS.
  • Check file sharing permission is correctly set in host system.
  • Check proper Bonjour Services of all systems.
  • Test network configuration.
  • Setup direct connection.

Following Steps you have to take:

Installation of QuickBooks on all computer: You have ensure that the QuickBooks is installed on the all the computer you want to use.

1. Multi User mode

Second thing which you need to make sure is if you have multi user mode enabled as this is the foremost requirement to set up multiple users for QuickBooks.

2. Same Network

The entire computer in order for multi user access should be on the same server.

3. User Name and password

you need to set these two carefully.

4. Set up network and server

In order to complete this task you need to set up both server and network.

Need Professional Help?

If you want Quickbooks for MAC 2018 then we are here to help you. We have just shared some important information on QuickBooks multi-user for MAC. In case, you find any issue while working on multi-use for MAC. You can contact us on our  Quickbooks Support Toll-Free Number on smbaccountants.com.


  1. How would I create the QuickBooks always run in multi-user mode?

    Open the File menu. Hit the Open or restore button to view the company file. Select the “Open a Company ” button and move forward with displayed guidelines. Then, you have to open a company window and check the open file in the multi-user mode box which is given at the bottom.

  2. How does multi-user mode work in QuickBooks Mac?

    In QuickBooks Mac edition, they permit multiple users to collaborate work on the same project simultaneously to find out better comes. All users need to be networked but make sure everyone has their own license key.

  3. How can I switch from the multi-user mode to single-user mode in QuickBooks?

    To switch to single-user mode, go to the QuickBooks File menu. Then, select the “Single-user mode” option and perform displayed instruction until the confirmation window will appear on your screen.

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