Prepare & Customize Packing Slip in QuickBooks

What are Packing Slips in QuickBooks & How to Use It?

In QuickBooks, once the payment and transactions are been done the invoice is prepared to keep the details of these payments in bill format. When the invoice is generated there are some steps to design the invoice by layout and the columns are supposed to look is the form where a user or a vendor can get all kinds of information in a sequential way which helps the accounting in QuickBooks look good.

When a product is sent for the order there are different options to send the product according to the type and the distance product needs to be delivered. If in case you need support from QuickBooks Proadvisor feels free to contact us.

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Why QuickBooks Packing Slips?

  • In QuickBooks, the packing of the product is having a different receipt or slip attached with the product.
  • The packing slip varies according to the product and the distance.
  • QuickBooks provides the packing slip with each and every product to the vendor or user.
  • While the invoice is getting ready there is an option with template where you can edit the packing slip details as well.
  • The packing receipt is present in the drop down list where the invoice is designed.

QuickBooks Packing Slip is a document that is prepared to maintain the inventory of items that are to be shipped after packing. It comprises of the information related to the handling charges, shipment number, product type, product quantity etc.

You can customize the QuickBooks packing slip according to your requirements and the kind of business you do. Preparing a custom template enables you to do advance customization, this facility is available only for sales receipts, invoices and estimates. Packing Slip confirms that the shipment process is complete and is mostly kept inside the container used for shipment.

How to Prepare & Customize Packing Slip in QuickBooks

You can customize your template with the help of three tabs that are design, content and email tab.

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    Firstly, Open the QuickBooks form, Click on the  Quickbooks Gear icon.

  2. Step Two

    Then, select the Custom Form Styles.

  3. Step Three

    Next, choose the transaction type from the new style drop-down.

  4. Step Four

    Further, choose the tab to customize your form template.

  5. Step Five

    Here we will take example of customizing a form template using a Design

  6. Step Six

    Click on the design tab.

  7. Step Seven

    Choose the template style that you want from the template list.

  8. Step Eight

    Now, upload the Logo you want to set, also you can edit the size of logo or hide it fully.

  9. Step Nine

    After this choose the colors you want from the color pallet or use the customize color pallet using HTML color codes.

  10. Step Ten

    Next, select the font family and font size.

  11. Step Eleven

    Further, edit the settings for printing and before printing see the preview to make sure your form is made as required.

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